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Siemens selects Coresystems to digitize global field service

Nov 27, 2017

Coresystems, a provider of cloud-based field service and workforce-management software for mid-sized and large enterprises’ field service organizations, announced that it has entered into a project with Siemens. Coresystems will enable Siemens to digitize the global field-service-execution business within the Power Generation Services Division in order to significantly improve efficiency and safety, according to the partners.

As one of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies and a provider of infrastructure and software solutions for the industrial sector, Siemens has placed a high priority on the digitization of its products, systems and solutions. In 2016, as part of its organization-wide shift toward digitization, Siemens began executing on its vision to digitize its entire global field-service business, and sought a partner with expertise in field service and workforce-management-software development. 

Through this project, Coresystems will play an integral role Siemens’ global field-service-digitization initiative. In the first phase, Siemens will integrate Coresystems’ field-service-management software platform with Siemens’ existing field-service systems and processes. In the second phase, Siemens will deploy Coresystems’ field-service software suite across its organization, enabling Siemens’ global field-service business to become completely digitized.

Siemens plans to increase and improve documentation associated with its field-service processes, with Coresystems’ software providing Siemens’ technicians access to required resources through their laptops and mobile devices, with the aim of providing benefit to customers through enhanced efficiency and safety.