Manufacturing is evolving. Are standards keeping up?

New standards are being created to avoid situations where every single vendor has their own digitalization solution.
Industrial Networks

An introduction to Sparkplug for next-gen manufacturing solutions

The Sparkplug specification took the industry by storm and large companies adopted it for operational efficiency gains and for creating next-generation manufacturing solutions...
Business Transformation

Clearing things up with fuzzy digitalization value propositions

It is not easy to identify the exact costs and benefits before the implementation, which makes a traditional ROI calculation difficult.

Establishing a gold standard for RPA

To better understand the benefits of establishing a set of RPA standards, look at what the PDF did.

Capitalizing on low-latency / high-performance applications

Manufacturers can use private 5G and MEC solutions to quickly deploy low latency and high-performance applications.
Business Models

The evolution of Manufacturing Execution Systems

As Industry 4.0 grows, Manufacturing Execution Systems must grow alongside it.
Smart Systems

Stratus, the Open Process Automation Forum, standards & success in Industry 4.0

Standards have evolved for years; what is changing is that IT and OT worlds are converging.
Asset Performance

How am I supposed to fit the safety in there?!

Overcoming space constraints during legacy plant safety retrofits.
Advanced Control

The state of education in the IIoT era

"Formal education in IoT is the next big movement coming."
Business Strategist

Waste can mean more than "waste"

There are numerous areas of waste that go overlooked.
Data Analytics

Digitally integrated operations in chemicals

There’s a funny facet to digital transformations—they’re all different.
IIoT Platforms

Industrie 4.0: What does it mean for chemical companies?

How a specialty-polymers company took a “don’t panic” approach and improved safety, cost, uptime and quality.
Business Intelligence

A deep dive into your thoughts

A dominant and growing majority subscribe to the "digitalize or die" mantra.
Advanced Control

Most read of 2017

What intrigued digital-transformation professionals in the past year?