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Digital Transformation

How manufacturers can break data silos through DOP-enabled technology roadmaps

How small and midsize manufacturers are using technology to ease material sourcing bottlenecks, workforce shortages, and inflationary pressures.
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Industry News

EAMs have become primary enabler of industrial digital transformation, study finds

New ARC Advisory Group research shows modern enterprise asset management helps manufacturers achieve technology, business goals.
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Benefits of Transformation

Launching now: the democratization of space

Digital simulation and the digital thread are the future of space engineering.
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UPDATE: What can Brown strike do for you, manufacturer?

UPS workers were threatening to strike—an expert considers the fallout for manufacturers had that not been averted.
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Unleashing the power of digital surety bonds

How the digitalization of surety bonds is revolutionizing supply chain efficiency.
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Automated scheduling programs & the remote workforce

For onsite jobs, scheduling automation gives workers options they’ve never had before.
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US manufacturing stimulus likely to generate steady—not seismic—growth

Big-name companies are choosing to invest in US manufacturing as a result of the Inflation Reduction and CHIPs and Science Acts. Does this mark a new era of growth for US manufacturing...
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Using the citizen-development approach to automation to weather the recession

"To reduce the total cost of RPA ownership, manufacturers should start by assessing the content of their entire automation estate."
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Reimagining factory operations: A Q&A with new Bright Machines CEO Gayle Sheppard

"I believe the transformation begins by solving for the disconnect between engineering and production."
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The five actions that must be on every manufacturer’s checklist this year

With supply-chain disruptions and increases in operational costs, the current global business landscape can challenge even the most secure businesses.
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INSIGHT Webinar: The real value of machine health

We recently connectyed with manufacturing executive Scott Reed and Augury's James Newman for the INSIGHT webinar “Combining Machine Health with Process Health: Tips to Achieving...
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Tackling manufacturers’ mounting challenges: Lessons from The Smart Factory @ Wichita

Today’s manufacturers face greater complexity than ever before. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Manufacturing Supply Chain Study, 80% experienced a heavy supply chain disruption ...