Digital Transformation


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Industry Perspectives

IoT’s game-changing role in modern asset management

In the past, asset management was dominated by manual procedures. But IoT furnishes manufacturers with real-time data streams, facilitating an unparalleled level of precision ...
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Industry Perspectives

Security implications of hastily implemented AI and understanding what to do

The tech world and industrial IT and OT are abuzz over the possibilities of generative AI, which is nascent and still coming into use and thus must be approached with caution ...
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Advanced Control

How to harness operational data to meet sustainability targets

There are many lessons to be learned from manufacturing companies that have improved their environmental impact—and their bottom line at the same time—by strategically placed ...
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Industry News

Rockwell Automation invests in Industry 5.0 technology fund

Industrial automation and digital transformation company announces stake in $100 million Momenta venture capital and value creation fund, giving RA early access to tech that promotes...
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Digital Transformation

AI is taking KPIs to the next level for the factory floor

Manufacturers must go beyond overall equipment effectiveness dashboards to improve asset health and process yields, throughput, and sustainability.
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IT/OT Convergence

How end-user computing in manufacturing is being revolutionized

By evolving VDI from on-premises systems that are impractical for enterprise needs to hybrids for the cloud, IT stakeholders at industrial companies are turning challenges into...
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Industry Perspectives

How to pick the right ERP—Negotiating the purchase and the end game

At this stage, multiple software product teams might be vying for your business. What to consider when picking a finalist for your manufacturing operation and what the final steps...
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Digital Transformation

Why manufacturers' data is best analyzed at the edge

Businesses in Industry 4.0 have begun embracing edge computing solutions. And for organizations that operate with many remote endpoints and sites generating data, edge is a must...
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Industry Perspectives

How to pick the right ERP—More tips and tricks for the integration process

Some of these strategies can help keep implementation costs down and serve to gauge the commitment of a software provider to dedicate the time and resources to make sure their...
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Industry Perspectives

How to pick the right ERP—and what happens when a manufacturer chooses wrong

A well-suited product provides significant advantages to the manufacturer, especially in keeping their suppliers and schedules untangled, but the wrong one or bad implementation...
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Examples of Transformation

Gen-AI leads back to reducing downtime on the line

Newest tool in industrial IT’s shed turns out to be one that has been popularized by Chat GPT, and an SI webinar explored the possible uses of "gen-AI" for manufacturers to steamline...
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Digital Transformation

Real-time simulation's role in driving business competitiveness

Dynamic changes to the labor market, shifts in order volumes and an unpredictable logistics environment can lead to unexpected plant downtime and inefficiencies. Agility in decision...
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Cybersecurity: ‘Largest obstacle to adoption of smart manufacturing technologies’

Rockwell Automation chairman and CEO Blake Moret and Dragos co-founder and CEO Robert Lee talk over the obstacles and impact of cyberattacks on manufacturing businesses.
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Extending factory equipment life: ‘Legacy doesn’t necessarily mean ancient’

Webinar covers strategies on how manufacturers and their IT personnel can help squeeze more service time out of older equipment and bring it along in their digital transformation...