Process Innovation


Process Innovation

Simulation, AI, and their roles in manufacturing's future

Simulation leverages artificial intelligence to analyze data to predict what will be most effective moving forward, and AI also takes factory-floor data and helps your operation...
H Integration Process
Process Innovation

The path to seamless instrument integration in chemical processes

The possibilities for greater integration are being transformed by innovations in Ethernet technology.
H Configuration
Process Innovation

Want to get a better handle on possible configurations? Take a closer look at your approach.

Understanding the different technologies and capabilities of configuration solutions is critical to creating confidence that anything you sell is profitable.
Business Strategist

How to prevent manufacturing fraud using anomaly detection

The unfortunate truth is that the core characteristics of the manufacturing industry make it a sweet spot for fraud schemes.
Supply Chain

What do shipping containers and modern MES have in common?

One of the first demands of a modern MES is its ability to run on different types of cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments.
Business Intelligence

Solutions for unprepared manufacturing and industrial-sales teams

Streamline sales-rep content so buyers are more likely to have access to compliant, curated content.

Rent a bot! Easing into robotic automation via RaaS

"The global robot-as-a-service market will continue to thrive."
Digital Twin

What is "digital energy" and how can we twin it?

"Digital innovation makes energy smart."
Process Innovation

What’s really going on in your digitalization journey? The value of installed-base evaluations

Replacing aging tech can do more than reduce obsolescence, it can make your operations more competitive.

How to embed cybersecurity into the user experience of your operators

"No operator is going to speak up in a conference room and tell the CEO that having to type in a password is a problem."
Big Data

Case Study: Cloud-based IoT supports complex control systems from anywhere

Data centers can save energy with refrigerant-side economizer systems, but IoT cloud connectivity is required.
Advanced Control

How FactoryOps can change your changeover inefficiencies

"Optimizing changeovers to be as lean and efficient as possible can have a significant impact on the bottom line."