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Advanced Control

Integrating your business, manufacturing systems doesn't have to be hard

The reality is that many industrial companies operate like two separate entities when handling business and production functions.
Advanced Control

Strategic savings: How distributed I/O reshapes plantwide costs

Centralization of traditional cabinets results in complex and extensive wiring, increasing installation time and leading to high labor costs. Machine mounting, however, yields...
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Business Models

Making the business case for PLM to SaaS deployment

Migrating to SaaS isn’t the same as moving to the cloud—and manufacturers must realize this.
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Environmental Health & Safety

How digital tools change the game for decarbonization

Another benefit of digital transformation technologies is their ability—especially remote sensors—to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement, minimizing...
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Industry Perspectives

IoT’s game-changing role in modern asset management

In the past, asset management was dominated by manual procedures. But IoT furnishes manufacturers with real-time data streams, facilitating an unparalleled level of precision ...
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Industry News

New research sees buy-in for digital transformation growing among manufacturing stakeholders

Webinar deals with why industry should embrace data ops, but eye-opening statistics lead the way about how manufacturing overall is “going through a renaissance” and moving beyond...
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Advanced Control

How to harness operational data to meet sustainability targets

There are many lessons to be learned from manufacturing companies that have improved their environmental impact—and their bottom line at the same time—by strategically placed ...
Stratus Technologies
The Stratus ztC Endurance 7100
Industry News

Stratus unveils fault tolerance in new family of computing platforms

The ztC Endurance line comes in three configurations, one designed for large data centers and larger plants, another for remote offices and medium plants, and one more for shop...
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Examples of Transformation

Surf’s up! Wave-pool designers detail how they use digital twin and control systems tech to simulate the sea

San Diego-based Surf Loch joins SI webinar to tell attendees how Siemens software and hardware helps designers create and control their rad rides at water parks worldwide.
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Extending factory equipment life: ‘Legacy doesn’t necessarily mean ancient’

Webinar covers strategies on how manufacturers and their IT personnel can help squeeze more service time out of older equipment and bring it along in their digital transformation...
H Digital Thread
Advanced Control

Creating an engineering digital thread for a more successful digital transformation

The digital thread is essential for boosting organizational efficiency and enhancing collaboration across teams, groups and the enterprise as a whole.
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Advanced Control

Changing control systems: DCS/PLC connectivity to business systems

Manufacturers want to connect their DCS and PLC platforms to business systems like ERP, CMMS and LIMS.
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Advanced Control

Achieving long-term savings with long-life lithium batteries

Ultra-long-life lithium batteries are being deployed throughout the IIoT to power remote wireless devices, with certain cells able to operate up to 40 years.