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Digital Transformation

How manufacturers can break data silos through DOP-enabled technology roadmaps

How small and midsize manufacturers are using technology to ease material sourcing bottlenecks, workforce shortages, and inflationary pressures.
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Human Capital

Promoting engagement, retention in changing IT/OT workforce

Many manufacturing companies are considering the employee life cycle and transforming the work experience to better support their people, partly due to trends leftover from the...
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Digital Transformation

Leveraging ERP and related technologies for a diverse customer experience

Enterprise resource planning systems, CRMs and other tech such as RFID, barcoding, customer and supplier portals, blockchain, IoT, and GPS tracking all support this goal.
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Industry Perspectives

Security implications of hastily implemented AI and understanding what to do

The tech world and industrial IT and OT are abuzz over the possibilities of generative AI, which is nascent and still coming into use and thus must be approached with caution ...
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Industry Perspectives

How to pick the right ERP—Negotiating the purchase and the end game

At this stage, multiple software product teams might be vying for your business. What to consider when picking a finalist for your manufacturing operation and what the final steps...
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Industry Perspectives

How to pick the right ERP—More tips and tricks for the integration process

Some of these strategies can help keep implementation costs down and serve to gauge the commitment of a software provider to dedicate the time and resources to make sure their...
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Industry Perspectives

How to pick the right ERP—and what happens when a manufacturer chooses wrong

A well-suited product provides significant advantages to the manufacturer, especially in keeping their suppliers and schedules untangled, but the wrong one or bad implementation...
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Industry News

Rare-earth elements are increasingly replaceable

Recent advancements in materials engineering are easing the path to more sustainable, economical alternatives.
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Industry Perspectives

When stakeholders speak ESG, 'smart' utilities listen and evolve

When customers speak environmental, social and governance, utility providers (the smart ones, at least), listen. But how are they adapting?
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Industry Perspectives

FDT Group Industry Perspective: FDT for the Industry 4.0 era

The FDT integration standard first came into being as a means to deal with all aspects of device configuration and diagnostic data generated by smart process instruments—and to...
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Industry Perspectives

Skkynet Industry Perspective: MQTT accomplishing things you couldn’t dream of doing 10 years ago

Here we chat with Xavier Mesrobian, vice president of sales and marketing with IIoT solution-provider Skkynet, to explore how machine-to-machine network protocol MQTT is evolving...
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Industry Perspectives

Beckhoff Automation Industry Perspective: Capitalizing on many-to-many connections, machine-to-machine initiatives & evolving Pub/Sub principles

Here we chat with Beckhoff Automation’s Daymon Thompson to explore how changing specifications and maturing digital initiatives are clarifying the modern industrial landscape ...
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Industry Perspectives

ServiceNow Industry Perspective: Generating wins with digital workflows

“Creating a workflow structure ultimately drives proactive improvements instead of reactive ones, leading to improved experiences.”

Parsec Industry Perspective: Aligning quality, performance and maintenance…and reaping the rewards

“In a true digital factory, performance, quality and maintenance are not the domain of just IT or OT. They become interconnected disciplines that require IT and OT to unify in...
Industry Perspectives

Parsec Industry Perspective: CTO Bill Rokos on smart devices

“The potential applications for these devices are limitless.”