Artificial Intelligence


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Industry Perspectives

Security implications of hastily implemented AI and understanding what to do

The tech world and industrial IT and OT are abuzz over the possibilities of generative AI, which is nascent and still coming into use and thus must be approached with caution ...
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Digital Transformation

AI is taking KPIs to the next level for the factory floor

Manufacturers must go beyond overall equipment effectiveness dashboards to improve asset health and process yields, throughput, and sustainability.
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Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity stakeholders praise AI executive order—but say it’s just a start

Industrial uses of artificial intelligence have a head start on any government attempts to protect its users, Smart Industry learned in interviews this week, but sources see the...
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Examples of Transformation

Gen-AI leads back to reducing downtime on the line

Newest tool in industrial IT’s shed turns out to be one that has been popularized by Chat GPT, and an SI webinar explored the possible uses of "gen-AI" for manufacturers to steamline...
Rockwell Automation
Tire Case Study Process
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is just getting started revolutionizing manufacturing

Rockwell Automation’s data science and AI expert for Kalypso shares how the past decade of AI in production is prologue for what’s to come.
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Artificial Intelligence

A Q&A on Amazon Web Services' new center dedicated to advancing generative AI in automaking

"I’m optimistic about AWS’ approach to creating a space where it's easy for automotive customers to build with generative AI."
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Generative AI

Generative AI (like ChatGPT) is changing manufacturing...but how, exactly?

Generative AI is on the boardroom agenda at 96% of organizations.
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Artificial Intelligence

A different perspective on AI, ChatGPT and job security

Instead of fearing the rise of ChatGPT and AI, we should recognize their transformative potential.
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Artificial Intelligence

What is data fabric and how can it unleash the full power of AI?

Data fabric provides organizations with a holistic view of their information assets, enabling them to leverage technologies like automation, AI and machine learning.
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Artificial Intelligence

How ChatGPT lied to me

"I remembered a phenomenon known as the artificial-intelligence hallucination problem."