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Artificial Intelligence

How AI can transform a burdensome and complex manufacturing environment

As manufacturers adopt AI, they can expect enhanced efficiency and output and the ability to make more informed decisions and adapt swiftly to market changes.
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Artificial Intelligence

How one manufacturer made all its digitized data easily searchable. Hint: It was AI

Agrochemical company plugged natural language-based artificial intelligence into its PLM and, now using a “smart” search tool that was five years in development and prototyping...
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Artificial Intelligence

Survey: 90% of manufacturers are using AI, but many feel they lag behind competitors

Findings in annual survey of 508 industrials by cloud ERP provider Rootstock Software reveal an “imposter syndrome” where 38% worry they are behind peers in implementation.
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Artificial Intelligence

AI abuse by cyberattackers is a people—not technology—problem

Like any breakthrough, AI can be twisted for illegitimate purposes, but manufacturing IT and OT people can also turn the technology against cyber intruders. Here's how.
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Artificial Intelligence

Your competitors are using AI. Why risk falling behind them?

From a CIO and self-described “technologist” comes real use cases for this breakthrough technology with many industrial applications like tailoring individualized customer portals...
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Artificial Intelligence

With AI, the time is now, say manufacturing technologists, futurist, 'evangelist'

2024 is the ‘year of implementation’ when it comes to this breakthrough technology, though speakers at a recent New Orleans conference conceded they often must still explain what...
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Artificial Intelligence

Looking to implement AI-powered remote operations? This is what you must know

Embracing a so-called ROCR powered by artificial intelligence is not merely a choice but a strategic imperative for manufacturers.
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Artificial Intelligence

Overcoming pricing complexity in manufacturing with technology

Platforms are transforming how companies are managing this complexity efficiently—AI and data science can ingest all the variables and provide guidance.
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Artificial Intelligence

Production planning: How AI can help meet every delivery deadline

Companies can deploy AI-based models that meet their production lead times and satisfy customer orders within the committed dates, even when unexpected disruptions occur.
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Artificial Intelligence

Gen-AI’s rewards are clear, but the data must be ‘clean’

Taking advantage of this technology requires information that is accessible, but roadblocks to quality data include siloing, often between OT and IT teams, and isolation of subject...
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Industry News

AI adoption crawling among manufacturers, new report finds

Latest Sikich Industry Pulse results, from canvassing in August, also show weak buy-in for AI as relief for the U.S. manufacturing workforce deficit, with only 7% surveyed saying...
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Artificial Intelligence

Powering cognitive digital threads with Gen-AI to accelerate innovation

The benefits of Gen-AI are remarkable and include instant and accurate answers to critical questions, unprecedented insights driven by data on parts and products, seamless access...
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Industry Perspectives

Security implications of hastily implemented AI and understanding what to do

The tech world and industrial IT and OT are abuzz over the possibilities of generative AI, which is nascent and still coming into use and thus must be approached with caution ...
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Digital Transformation

AI is taking KPIs to the next level for the factory floor

Manufacturers must go beyond overall equipment effectiveness dashboards to improve asset health and process yields, throughput, and sustainability.
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Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity stakeholders praise AI executive order—but say it’s just a start

Industrial uses of artificial intelligence have a head start on any government attempts to protect its users, Smart Industry learned in interviews this week, but sources see the...