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Product News: Cognite's generative AI-powered Industrial Canvas platform

June 23, 2023
Announces Generative AI-Powered Industrial Canvas Platform to Accelerate Business Decisions by 90%

Cognite announced Industrial Canvas, an intuitive, composable, visual workspace that promises to revolutionize data exploration and visualization, per its maker. Industrial Canvas is built on top of the Industrial DataOps foundation within Cognite’s core platform, Cognite Data Fusion, and is powered by Cognite AI, a suite of generative AI capabilities. With Industrial Canvas, Cognite makes cross-data source insights available to everyone, at all levels of the organization, to build specific use case applications, they claim, which decreases time spent searching for data and increases time spent collaborating, accelerating high-quality business decisions by 90%.

“Industrial Canvas makes data ‘speak human,’ as for every one person that can ‘speak code,’ there are hundreds who cannot,” says Geir Engdahl, chief technology officer at Cognite. “Industrial Canvas can now empower everyone utilizing data to inform their daily production optimization, maintenance, safety, and sustainability decisions with simple access to complex industrial data—in their language and on their terms.”

Industrial Canvas is a collaborative environment where users can view all data types (documents, engineering diagrams, sensor data, images, 3D models, and more), choose to share workspaces, tag users, and share insights as comments. Industrial Canvas is unique in the way it leverages contextualized data and Generative AI, per its maker. 

“With Cognite, we’ve already increased efficiencies, reduced fuel consumption, and improved production flow and maintenance - and we’ve scaled across our Houston plant and three vessels in Antarctica,” says Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine. “Now with Industrial Canvas, we are on the forefront of leveraging generative AI to further support our people and enable them to use their specialist knowledge to drive our organization forward.”

Cognite uses generative AI to enhance data onboarding, complete with lineage, quality assurance, and governance, while a unique generative AI architecture enables deterministic responses from a native AI copilot. This allows subject-matter experts to answer operational questions, compile and develop no-code applications, and analyze complex scenarios without a single line of code, says Cognite, which adds that Industrial Canvas overcomes the challenges of other single-pane-of-glass solutions, which often over-promise capabilities and are too rigid with prescribed workflows, preventing users from working with the data how they choose.

Cognite Data Fusion’s Industrial Canvas is available in beta for select customers participating in the early adopter program on Cognite Hub.