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Who will support your digital twins?

Solution suppliers double down on lifecycle play.

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Among the many new terms that have entered the digital transformation vernacular over the past several years, the “digital twin” is perhaps the most complex and multifaceted. While it’s relatively easy to conceptualize a digital representation of a physical entity, that’s pretty much where the easy part ends.Indeed, to be truly useful in an industrial context, the digital twin of a production asset or even an entire facility must retain not only the original design data used to create it, but also bear the unique and idiosyncratic characteristics that theoretically identical products evolve based on their own particular history.An effective digital twin then…

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When we connect our assets, we connect ourselves to potential bad guys, hackers lurking in the spaces between our  machines and lingering around the cloud, waiting to steal our data. Here are some methods to protect ourselves. Click here to get the report.

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