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Webinar Preview: The New MES

How distributed architectures are bridging the IT/OT divide.

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In a few days, GE Digital Product Marketing Director Ganesh Hegde will share his perspective (alongside other industry experts) during the Smart Industry webinar “The New MES: How Distributed Architectures Are Bridging the IT/OT Divide.”Today he previews that webinar and touches on IT/OT convergence, integration of the supply chain and the collaborative ownership of data.Take a look…Smart Industry: Why is there still confusion about IT/OT convergence in the manufacturing space?Ganesh: Traditionally these are two different islands managed by two different organizations. Even the KPIs are/were different. The new business models like digital manufacturing,…

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Read the report, watch the video, optimize your Industry 4.0 efforts!

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationThe Next Step for Data Analytics—Driving Business Strategy

Are you enabling data to dictate enterprise-wide changes? You should be, and the features in this report provide guidance on getting there. Click here to take the next step with your data analytics. 

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationPerspective from our editor in chief

So what do the results of our 2019 State of Initiative Report actually mean? Smart Industry Editor in Chief Keith Larson, who has conducted this survey for five years, share his thoughts in this video. Take a look.

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