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What the heck is "digital leadership"?

Digital leaders are risk-taking, forward-thinking and agile.

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While we frequently talk about the tools and technologies and strategies of digital transformation, but the evolution of leadership among those spearheading these changes is rarely explored. Let’s change that.  Here’s a Q&A with Wiktor Schmidt, CEO of Netguru, who prides himself on maintaining a nimble leadership style that matches this fluid period of industry. Take a look…Smart Industry: Why will new leadership be needed to fully realize digital transformation?Wiktor: Digital transformation is happening at a rapid pace. Now, more than ever, leadership teams will have to adapt in order to see their companies succeed and, in some industries, survive. What we…

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Industrial Networks, Exponential Gains

The real rewards of digital transformation are reaped when disparate elements are connected into a network, enabling data-informed insights from this machine to optimize the performance of that machine and that machine and that machine. Click here to get the report.

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationPredictive Maintenance: Turning Downtime Upside-Down

Zero downtime is a nice dream. Until we get there, we'll happily settle for accurately predicting when and where and how we must service our machines. Click here to get the report.

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