Changing the approach to product development

What are anthropologists and psychologists doing in the manufacturing space?

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At the Smart Industry 2018 Conference in September, Uwe Scharf presents “Accelerating Product Development In An Industry 4.0 World." Today the executive vice president of Rittal's industrial global business unit previews his presentation and shares his perspective on customer-driven innovation, mega-trends and the role of psychologists in the manufacturing space.Take a look...Smart Industry: Is studying customer needs the first step in innovation?Take a look…Mr. Scharf: Yes. Before a team starts developing a new product they must find out what challenges their customers are facing and analyze these issues, which is often mixed up with asking the customers what they…

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smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationOwen Gwynne on adapting IoT technologies to a complex shop floor

The senior programmer with Teel Plastics previews his Smart Industry 2018 presentation and shares his perspective on artificial intelligence, retrofitting equipment for the IoT, and the start-small approach. Click here to for the full piece.

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationA digital approach to an ancient craft

Tim Alexander was hired by Michigan's Deschutes Brewery to analyze and optimize the data behind the beer. He will dive deep during his presentation at Smart Industry 2018 in September. Today he details how predictive analytics is taking the guesswork out of the ancient craft of brewing. Click here to read more from Tim. 

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