Close Encounters is the best IoT movie of all time

IoT is really about meeting a new group of coworkers.

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When you ask people to come up with the best movie about technology, many will snap back with 2001: A Space Odyssey. It featured a future where stewardesses walked upside-down and computers explained why they were trying to kill you. And on the 50th anniversary of that movie, you’re seeing a lot of articles comparing HAL to Alexa and the rise of IoT devices. But when it comes to IoT, one film in my mind reigns supreme: 1977’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Here’s why: 1. IoT Is about linking many things, not one thing. For all his murderous efficiency, HAL turned out to be an army of one, and was disabled by removing his DRAM. It’s no surprise that HAL…

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Close Encounters is the best IoT movie of all time

IoT is really about meeting a new group of coworkers.

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