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Learning from the past to modernize the future of smart grid protection

Control technology is playing a larger role in our power-generation process.
H Grid
Power & Water

Q&A: Evolution of the microgrid and the growth of digital energy

"Microgrid adoption is growing to include a more diverse landscape of needs and use cases."
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The “electrification of everything” & microgrids boosting utilities' efficiency

Microgrids are enabling companies to find greater efficiency and reduced cost by relying less on their local utilities.
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January’s historic California storms illustrate the need for improved grid resilience

When disaster strikes, the best avenue to a speedy recovery is through distributed intelligence.

With blackouts in the forecast, can the grid take the heat?

When utilities start formulating their strategy, they should begin with a proven resource: demand response.
Digital Twin

What is "digital energy" and how can we twin it?

"Digital innovation makes energy smart."

Why Russian cyber-attackers use modular frameworks for VPNFilter and Cyclops Blink malware

APTs have cleverly developed a strategy through modular frameworks allowing them to preserve their own malware “crown jewels.”

Securing the US water supply: Smart people, processes and technology

The OT networks that water utilities depend upon may contain hundreds of different components.
Business Intelligence

Data-enabled energy transition—a quick look ahead into 2022

The key energy challenge will be to balance the integration and intermittency of renewables and distributed energy resources across their grids.

How water utilities can improve cyber-confidence in the OT space

Organizations need to now monitor their full OT systems and all the equipment in it—old and new, multi-vendor, and at all patching levels—365 days a year.
Advanced Control

Why you should simplify your energy-network monitoring

Having data available solely in the control room is no longer sufficient.
Business Transformation

Smart insights on open-source solutions

"Security through obscurity worked, until it didn't."
Asset Performance

The benefits—yes benefits!—of creating a sustainability-first culture

"As data becomes more accurate and automated, the financing of sustainability programs becomes much more achievable."
Advanced Control

Case Study: Smart lighting in urban canyons

Wi-SUN and the City of London partner on an illuminating project.
Human Capital

Storm-assessment services make the difference in utility outage-restoration efforts

Technology-enabled storm assessment services provide a lifeline for utilities hard hit by the forces of Mother Nature.