Product News: Siemens introduces mPower power integrity solution

Sept. 28, 2021
mPower promises to help IC designers boost quality, enhance reliability and speed time to market.

Siemens Digital Industries Software introduced new mPower power integrity software for analog, digital and mixed-signal IC designs. The new software is claimed to be the industry’s first and only IC-power integrity-verification solution to provide virtually unlimited scalability for analog, digital, and mixed signal ICs, enabling comprehensive power, electromigration (EM) and voltage drop (IR) analysis for even the largest IC designs.

mPower software delivers power integrity analysis for all versions of 2D designs, in addition to 2.5/3D IC implementations at any scale, and it integrates into existing design flows, Siemens notes. Using mPower, IC designers can more quickly and thoroughly verify that their designs meet power-related design goals—capabilities that can help IC customers dramatically boost quality, enhance reliability and speed time to market.

Analog ICs convert physical, “real world” data such as sound, motion and video into digital form, making them increasingly critical to a broad range of key applications, including consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things and other large, fast-growing markets. For analog IC designers, mPower replaces rough static analysis and SPICE simulation of select nets with an innovative, dynamic solution that delivers highly accurate, simulation-based EM/IR analysis on the largest blocks and chips, per its maker, which notes that customers using mPower have seen overall runtime improvements vs. their current solution, ranging from 2X faster to actually completing first-pass EM/IR analysis of large analog IP blocks, which was previously impossible.

“Siemens mPower allows us to do something we have never been able to do before,” said Dr. Paolo Miliozzi, vice president of SoC Design and Technology at MaxLinear. “And that is to assess EM/IR during tapeout of large analog circuits with confidence.” 

“Design companies must run both block and full-chip EM/IR analysis to confirm that the power grid delivers the necessary current to the devices, and that wires will not fail prematurely,” said Joe Sawicki, executive vice president for Siemens’ IC EDA Segment. “With our innovative mPower solution, companies now have a fast, scalable dynamic analysis option for analog, digital and mixed signal layouts of any size, as well as silicon-proven accuracy and fast turns for even the largest digital chips.”