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Product News: SICK's color line-scan camera

June 22, 2023
The ICR890-4 Pro Color line scan camera promises to optimize track-and-trace systems.

SICK is launching the first ever color line-scan camera, the ICR890-4 Pro Color, which they describe as the first camera for track-and-trace systems that can dynamically adjust its focus and output additional color images. This enables the ICR890-4 Pro Color to deliver crystal-clear color and grayscale images at the highest conveyor speeds, which in turn reduces manual rework in automated logistics applications, per SICK. Its applications include 1D and 2D code-reading tasks in transport and logistics processes. With its enhanced modular camera design, LED illumination unit, focus-control unit, and high-performance decoder, the ICR890-4 Pro Color line scan camera is setting high standards for track and trace systems, per its maker.

It enables incoming objects to be automatically digitized both at goods-receipt and when handling item returns. This means it can be directly integrated into automated-logistics processes and seamlessly documented by distinguishing boxes from bags, identifying hazard symbols, or classifying objects by colored labels, per SICK. In total, this can be used to create comprehensive master data for each respective object.

At a throughput of more than 18,000 objects per hour at conveying speeds up to 4.5 m/s, the ICR890-4 Pro Color continues to deliver an outstanding image quality for OCR, video coding and vision applications thanks to the parallel output of a color and grayscale image, adds its maker. The images and data produced in the system can be further interpreted using SICK software applications, which promises to reduce the amount of manual rework while enabling the goods to arrive at their destination even faster thanks to automated verification.