H Trumpf Laser

Forget the candles...German laser specialist fires mega-laser to mark 100th anniversary

Aug. 4, 2023
TRUMPF unveils one of the world’s most powerful show lasers.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary,  high-tech company TRUMPF, which is based in the Stuttgart region of Germany, fired one of the world’s most powerful show lasers. The laser lit for the first time on the evening of August 3. Under the right weather conditions, it was visible up to 50 miles away, according to TRUMPF.

The green beam is produced by a particularly energy-efficient laser with three kilowatts of power, notes TRUMPF. TRUMPF customers would normally use this kind of system for tasks such as welding electric-vehicle batteries. The company ships its lasers to industrial companies all over the world, with clients in the semiconductor,  automotive and medical-device sectors.