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Human Capital

How to improve factory maintenance—and retain frontline workers

Outdated legacy maintenance and inspection processes that these frontline workers must deal with are hurting companies.
Human Capital

New podcast episode: Helping military veterans transition to manufacturing

In this episode of Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast, Bill Leahy and Paul Lavoie discuss "Unturning Steel" and their efforts to build the skilled labor pipeline.
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Human Capital

Promoting engagement, retention in changing IT/OT workforce

Many manufacturing companies are considering the employee life cycle and transforming the work experience to better support their people, partly due to trends leftover from the...
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Human Capital

Hear that? The importance of noise-reduction in the autonomous warehouse

Although they were once the subject of science-fiction stories, autonomous warehouses will soon become the norm in the shipping and logistics worlds. But even with many aspects...
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Human Capital

Are we ready to really start using our data?

The power of showcasing manufacturing data.
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Business Intelligence

What’s the secret to compelling more women to pursue careers in manufacturing?

Women are often hailed as the largest untapped talent pool in manufacturing and represent a tremendous human resource as the industry undergoes digital transformation.
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Human Capital

Rays of hope for workforce problems, boosted by the cloud and enterprise resource planning

US manufacturing is expected to have 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030.
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Human Capital

Inclusivity & innovation over oatmeal

How do industrial enterprises encourage inclusivity? How do they promote diversity at every level?
Advanced Control

Limiting Bluetooth Low Energy vulnerabilities within the internet of medical things

The later a vulnerability is found, the more costly the impact of remediation.
Augmented Reality

Using augmented and virtual reality to overcome real workforce challenges

Remote solutions for manufacturers should be considered the norm and not just an abstract tool discussed in theory.

How to embed cybersecurity into the user experience of your operators

"No operator is going to speak up in a conference room and tell the CEO that having to type in a password is a problem."
Advanced Control

How FactoryOps can change your changeover inefficiencies

"Optimizing changeovers to be as lean and efficient as possible can have a significant impact on the bottom line."
Digital Transformation

Tips for working cleaner in the era of digital transformation

Data-driven cleaning helps teams manage their resources and boost facility hygiene.