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How to choose security for your OT operations

An effective OT security regimen must be able to secure the entire environment at a plant—the “legacy” machinery as well as the latest devices.
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Pair of new reports see glaring data, cybersecurity, content-sharing vulnerabilities

Surveys from Copia Automation and Kiteworks of manufacturing stakeholders join others, from Fortinet in June and Ponemon/Cyolo in February, that point to large, exploitable holes...
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Cybersecurity report shows threats to OT skyrocketing

Newly released survey from Fortinet says that nearly one-third of OT organizations reported more than six intrusions over the last year, up from 11% in 2023.
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Manufacturing leads in cyberattacks for a third straight year, so what are some defenses?

An overwhelming majority of intrusions could have been mitigated with patching, multifactor authentication or least-privilege principles, an IBM study has found.
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Protecting OT data under persistent threat from ransomware

These attacks not only threaten the security of sensitive information but also disrupt critical industrial operations, leading to significant financial losses and the damaging...
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Navigating red-alert security challenges in manufacturing

Cyber threats have evolved into a formidable adversary, targeting the factory floor with relentless precision.
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In reader survey, wide majority worries about OT vulnerabilities

Informal email poll of visitors to Smart Industry mirrors a February release of results from wider research that showed concern among over 1,000 security professionals about the...
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Maximum security? How multifactor authentication is being defeated

Understanding the vulnerabilities of one of the hottest current security strategies against cyber intrusion.
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Air gapping OT assets may be the only sure way to shield critical infrastructure

These devices run very slim operating systems that often cannot accommodate onboard security measures. Moreover, many manufacturers have neglected security best practices.
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Inside the Rockwell, Church & Dwight OT cybersecurity team-up

Officials from both companies and their new case study detail the history and contours of the industrial automation giant and consumer package goods maker’s cyber defense work...
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Quiz: How vulnerable is your OT?

A recent survey of security professionals revealed an eye-opening result: That operational technology is widely vulnerable to intrusion. So, we at SI thought we'd quiz our audience...
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IT/OT Convergence

Industrial OT widely vulnerable to intrusion, survey finds

Ponemon Institute polling of 1,056 security professionals in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Africa reveals that manufacturers generally lack the resources, expertise, and ...
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Cybersecurity: Topic A after Valentine’s Day

Two data security and regulatory experts check in with Smart Industry on Feb. 15 to chat about the threat landscape and more specifically fresh U.S. government regulations on ...
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Podcast: Cybersecurity landscape and SEC rules for 2024

Smart Industry's Scott Achelpohl talks to IndustryWeek's Dennis Scimeca about the rising number of cyberattacks in manufacturing and the rules making them more visible.
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Microsoft hack tests new SEC disclosure rules

The government regulations will be the subject of a Feb. 15 Smart Industry webinar featuring Michael Daniel, president and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance, and Richard Bird, ...