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Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity stakeholders praise AI executive order—but say it’s just a start

Industrial uses of artificial intelligence have a head start on any government attempts to protect its users, Smart Industry learned in interviews this week, but sources see the...
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Robust cyber defenses depend on enough qualified staff to execute them

The inability to expand their workforce and lay a solid foundation for the future growth of their cybersecurity teams has continued to plague manufacturing companies.
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Industry News

Siemens debuts security testing suite for industrial networks

New all-in-one SINEC Security Inspector offers a single user interface that combines different cybersecurity tools and includes solutions for asset detection and identification...
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Industry Perspectives

Securing manufacturing operations: Why zero trust at the PLC level is critical

Too-broad “attack surfaces” mean industrial networked devices—single unsecured terminal or worker account—are vulnerable to bad cyber actors. How to manage and mitigate the risk...
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Cybersecurity: ‘Largest obstacle to adoption of smart manufacturing technologies’

Rockwell Automation chairman and CEO Blake Moret and Dragos co-founder and CEO Robert Lee talk over the obstacles and impact of cyberattacks on manufacturing businesses.
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Industry News

Clorox cyberattack to cost up to $593 million

Bleach manufacturer this week begins the cleanup process to fully repair damage from an attack first reported in mid-August that slowed production and caused product shortages...
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Examples of Transformation

The power of managed Ethernet switches in industrial environments

As industrial networks get more complex, they can also become bigger targets for hackers. Managing traffic at the switch level offers a powerful level of protection.
H Port La

Hack attack: How the Port of L.A. faced down 60 million cyber-intrusions

“We now average 54 million cyber-intrusion attempts per month and we’ve stopped all of them.”
H Ransomware

What every manufacturing CEO needs to know about new ransomware tactics

"Utilities and critical-infrastructure firms must start seeing their own assets through the eyes of potential hackers."
June 28 Webinar Preview

Webinar Preview Q&A: Cybersecurity Threats are Hiding Inside Your CNC Machines. What Can You do About it?

"With increasing connectivity, CNC machines are exposed to malicious code moving laterally through the enterprise."
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Artificial Intelligence

AI is growing up: how artificial intelligence (and machine learning) is maturing

An integrative approach to leveraging AI for manufacturing cybersecurity.
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Methods for industrial-security success in the vulnerable converged-OT landscape

Organizational leaders are paying attention to OT security, but relatively low-ranking professionals are still in charge of it.
H Colonial Pipeline Hack

Two years since the Colonial pipeline hack. Any lessons learned?

"It turns out that the Colonial pipeline attack wasn’t a pivotal moment in cybersecurity, because nothing has really changed since then."