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IIoT Platforms

Why IoT device manufacturers need to prioritize cyber resilience

Given the difficulties in defending IoT, manufacturers are going to need to adopt a new strategy. Sticking to the same cybersecurity methodology isn’t going to work.

Podcast: Skill sets in vibration analysis and IoT technology

In the latest installment from Endeavor Business Media’s Manufacturing Group, Nico Apollo’s Luke Clark talks manufacturing skill sets and vibration analysis and IoT technology...
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Digital Transformation

Ambient computing ready for its close-up on manufacturing's edge

What's the technology being used for, and what's needed to adopt it?

Predicting success with your predictive-maintenance programs

An asset-criticality analysis generates insights into which assets are candidates for condition monitoring.
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How proptechs accelerate growth using IoT-connectivity solutions

IoT-connectivity solutions help proptechs transform traditional buildings into smart ones.
Smart Systems

Why SaaS will dominate the future-system landscape

By outsourcing data center functions to SaaS providers, specialized resources are available to optimize specific software solutions and reduce the risk of system failures.
Digital Transformation

Remaking Industry Podcast: A forecasting discussion with Deloitte’s Jason Bergstrom

"We are calling 2022 the year of the smart factory, as manufacturers go all-in on technology adoption."
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Mastering the complexities of managing IoT-connected device fleets at large scale

Enterprises have to plan for a flexible—yet scalable—IoT infrastructure.
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Digital Transformation

The four types of Industry 4.0

Standard. Automated. Intelligent. Resilient.
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Keys to understanding Sparkplug architecture in manufacturing

What the heck is the "industrial spaghetti architecture"?
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A new generation of / a new world of value from IoT-testing tools

It is time for the testing community to embrace new technologies that meet the requirements of IoT systems.
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Smart firelogs?! A Q&A with Duraflame's IT director on strategic cloud integration

"We wanted to gain more agility and control in our processes, as well as repeatability."