IT/OT Convergence


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IT/OT Convergence

Securing OT’s future: Strategies to adapt in an evolving environment

Isolating systems to ensure their protection is no longer the norm for the industrial landscape and increased connectivity is essential for modern industrial operations.
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IT/OT Convergence

How to unlock the power of TSN-driven IT/OT convergence

TSN can improve collaboration across machines, facilities, and enterprises, allowing companies to quickly respond to customer requests and fluctuating demand.
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IT/OT Convergence

Industrial OT widely vulnerable to intrusion, survey finds

Ponemon Institute polling of 1,056 security professionals in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Africa reveals that manufacturers generally lack the resources, expertise, and ...
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IT/OT Convergence

Tailoring OT-IT convergence for enhanced data access, management

Deploying interoperable systems bridges the gap between factory operations and enterprise IT, enabling more efficient data handling and analytics. Therefore, data access control...
Asset Performance

Q&A: Getting help: Why Seeq and other tech providers leverage so many partnerships

Megan Buntain of Seeq says that from providing regional expertise to global scale, the right partner is critical to addressing manufacturers’ needs.
Siemens Digital Industries
Artificial Intelligence

With Industrial Copilot, Siemens and Schaeffler help make Gen-AI ‘industrial grade’

Two companies’ ‘co-creation’ assists in writing automation code for production machines, easing the burden on short-staffed human engineers, and gives factory floor workers a ...
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IT/OT Convergence

Siemens, AWS say latest collaboration helps bridge IT, OT gap

Tech companies in “smart” manufacturing space announce Amazon Web Services’ IoT SiteWise Edge will be available as an app in the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace.
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Industry News

Siemens, ServiceNow team on cloud-based management of OT assets

Siemens will port its SaaS solution for OT to NowPlatform, which provides management of IT assets. The expansion allows the companies’ shared customers to increase shop floor ...
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Industry News

Purdue to host November summit, spotlight XMO PEI initiative

Purdue experts will lay out a roadmap to reignite manufacturing in the U.S., touching on the topics of reshoring, retooling and retraining.
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Industry News

Siemens debuts security testing suite for industrial networks

New all-in-one SINEC Security Inspector offers a single user interface that combines different cybersecurity tools and includes solutions for asset detection and identification...
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Cybersecurity: ‘Largest obstacle to adoption of smart manufacturing technologies’

Rockwell Automation chairman and CEO Blake Moret and Dragos co-founder and CEO Robert Lee talk over the obstacles and impact of cyberattacks on manufacturing businesses.
Advanced Control

XIoT: The new frontier in cybersecurity

XIoT is an umbrella term for connected cyber-physical systems.

How water utilities can improve cyber-confidence in the OT space

Organizations need to now monitor their full OT systems and all the equipment in it—old and new, multi-vendor, and at all patching levels—365 days a year.

Road bandits & the intersection of 5G, edge computing and IoT

For these incredibly smart technologies that operate with little intervention, you need incredibly powerful networks and processing technologies.
Data Analytics

Industry Perspective: Aligning quality, performance and maintenance…and reaping the rewards

“In a true digital factory, performance, quality and maintenance are not the domain of just IT or OT. They become interconnected disciplines that require IT and OT to unify in...