TE Connectivity's high-current connectors for harsh environments

June 28, 2018
Touts maximum flexibility, stability and reliability for demanding applications.

TE Connectivity has extended its range of heavy-duty connectors by introducing a series of high-current solutions for harsh outdoor environments, especially suited for applications in energy, rail and power-generation/distribution.

At the core of the solution is TE's new series of RoHS-compliant high-current module inserts. Available in either 250A or 350A versions (with a maximum current of up to 250A/350A), and a choice of 1-4 contact positions, the HDCs offer a broad range of connection solutions to meet the specific needs of many different kinds of applications, according to TE. With excellent insulation performance, rated voltage up to 2000V and able to withstand voltage of up to 12KV, these crimping type inserts are available for wire diameters according to application needs: HCM250: 35-70mm2; HCM350: 35-120mm2. Insert mating cycles exceed 500 times.

The HCM inserts are protected by new IP68 housings. Made from aluminum alloy with a powder-coated surface, these housings perform in harsh outdoor environments, according to TE. Stainless steel screw locking ensures a reliable connection. With a salt-spraying time of up to 500 hours, these housings are designed to have a long and stable service life.

“Our heavy-duty connectors have built a strong reputation for excellent and reliable performance over many years,” said Ewa Bazior, product manager for TE’s industrial solutions segment. “Customers all over the world rely on them for data, signal, and/or data power connections between different devices or functional units, where their modular and standard interface helps to maximize application efficiency. With this new HCM range with IP68 housings, we can now offer an equally reliable solution for high-current needs in harsh environments.”

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