Product News: ABB’s ultrasonic-level transmitter for water treatment

Sept. 2, 2020
Device is ultrastable, intelligence driven, user-friendly and reduces costs, according to maker.

ABB has launched an ultrasonic-level transmitter designed specifically for industries with large installed

ABB's LST200

bases of level-measurement devices, particularly water and wastewater treatment. With its modular design and intelligent algorithms, the LST200 is easy to install, commission and maintain and stable in use, decreasing total expenditure over the product’s lifetime, according to its maker. 

Commissioning the LST200 is enabled with a set-up menu that guides customers through configuration within one minute. The LST200 has a blue backlight that makes it highly visible even in strong sunlight or darkness in locations such as lagoons and settling ponds. Maintaining the device is easy, according to ABB, because it offers real-time echo-waveform and diagnostic messaging for efficient troubleshooting.

Submersible in water, the LST200 can survive flooding. It has a waterproof rating of IP68 relevant for the water and wastewater industries. A non-contact instrument made from polycarbonate, it is resistant to process liquids such as mild acid and base, chloride and oxidizer, making the routine work for cleaning unnecessary. For open channel flow measurement, built-in equations and supporting software prevents the need for any manual calculations, saving the user time and effort, per its maker.  

“LST200 will be useful in many industrial settings, particularly the water and wastewater sector or the power and pulp and paper industry where potential applications include water storage measurement,” said Jack Wang, ABB global product manager for ultrasonic-level transmitters. “Thanks to its modular design, user-friendly interface and built-in intelligence, it meets our customers’ key requirements for ease and reliability when they are considering total expenditure on the device from purchasing, to installation and maintenance.”