Business Strategist

Business Strategist

How to prevent manufacturing fraud using anomaly detection

The unfortunate truth is that the core characteristics of the manufacturing industry make it a sweet spot for fraud schemes.
Business Strategist

A single source of configuration truth: Your success metric for Industry 4.0

"Knowing what can’t be done is just as important as knowing what can be done."

Rent a bot! Easing into robotic automation via RaaS

"The global robot-as-a-service market will continue to thrive."
Data Analytics

The connectivity and interoperability of your data, itself, can make or break your digitalization

How an enterprise’s IT foundation is structured can be a critical enabler.
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Digitally enabled new frontiers in the material-analysis space

"The ability to evaluate different technologies prior to a purchase has become convenient using digital or virtual meetings."
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Business Strategist

Remaking Industry Podcast: What—really—makes a successful digitalization project?

We connect with Software AG's Ricky Singh to to discuss KPIs, goals, successes and failures when it comes to digital-transformation initiatives.
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A new generation of / a new world of value from IoT-testing tools

It is time for the testing community to embrace new technologies that meet the requirements of IoT systems.

Ways to work faster in leveraging automation for a better world

A Q&A with Emerson Automation Solutions’ Executive President Mark Bulanda as he settles into his role.
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A Colonial Pipeline incident Q&A with MxD’s Jon Powvens

One cybersecurity step: Install a Russian or Cyrillic keyboard.
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Action! The new applications of video-conferencing in manufacturing

Collaboration, productivity and safety are enhanced with modern video tools.
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The little guys are doing automation right

How smaller E-commerce businesses are leveraging automation, visibility and analytics.
Business Intelligence

Bright new leadership at Bright Machines: A Q&A with Caroline Pan

"I never felt daunted by complexity—or my male classmates."
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Manufacturers doing less, achieving more

A growing trend in simulation is larger OEMs providing instant access to simulation to boost innovation.