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Business Transformation

Manufacturers should view emerging tech as relief from the workforce crunch

Manufacturing jobs are up—23,000 in January alone—but skilled workers are getting harder to come by. The correct systems and innovations can help industrials ease this shortage...
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Process shortcomings a high hurdle for phasing in AI, survey finds

New research by process miner Celonis reveals 72% of business leaders, including those in manufacturing, say they are actively trying to implement AI in their IT and OT operations...
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How a midsize Pennsylvania market is poised to lead on chip manufacturing

Lehigh Valley has undergone profound change in the last 25 years and advanced materials sciences companies that support the semiconductor industry now have a major presence there...
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Digital Transformation

Leveraging ERP and related technologies for a diverse customer experience

Enterprise resource planning systems, CRMs and other tech such as RFID, barcoding, customer and supplier portals, blockchain, IoT, and GPS tracking all support this goal.
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How smart industrial technology factors into ESSA, corporate culture

Advancements such as workflow automation software and robotic automation tools turbocharge productivity and take the tedium out of factory floor processes, which is the definition...
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Industry Perspectives

How to pick the right ERP—Negotiating the purchase and the end game

At this stage, multiple software product teams might be vying for your business. What to consider when picking a finalist for your manufacturing operation and what the final steps...
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How to pick the right ERP—More tips and tricks for the integration process

Some of these strategies can help keep implementation costs down and serve to gauge the commitment of a software provider to dedicate the time and resources to make sure their...
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How to pick the right ERP—and what happens when a manufacturer chooses wrong

A well-suited product provides significant advantages to the manufacturer, especially in keeping their suppliers and schedules untangled, but the wrong one or bad implementation...
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Purdue to host November summit, spotlight XMO PEI initiative

Purdue experts will lay out a roadmap to reignite manufacturing in the U.S., touching on the topics of reshoring, retooling and retraining.
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Business Transformation

How the Inflation Reduction Act can advance your manufacturing goals

This legislation will alter the landscape of American manufacturing.
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Business Transformation

Smart manufacturers evolving within smart cities

The foundation of any smart city is a reliable and robust IIoT network where a wide range of community stakeholders can benefit.
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Business Transformation

What defines customer success in the era of digitalization?

The as-a-service approach is extending the reach of smart programs.
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Business Transformation

The Digital Factory framework: An international standard for semantic interoperability

Systems not only connect with each other but also understand each other regardless of differences in language, culture, countries, regions, industries, business categories, and...