Shakeup at GE: Reactions from GE Digital's CEO

Nov. 19, 2021
"This progress puts GE in a strong position to now take this exciting next step in our transformation."

GE Digital's Pat Byrne

General Electric made headlines last week with the announcement that it is breaking into three companies focusing on aviation, healthcare and energy. 

So how does this affect GE Digital and their work in the industrial-manufacturing space? We connected with CEO Pat Byrne to get answers. Take a look…

Smart Industry: What prompted GE to break into three companies? 

Pat: This move enables our businesses to realize their full potential and move faster to address the pressing needs of our customers. GE has built significant momentum strengthening our financial position and operating performance, all while deepening our culture of continuous improvement and lean. This progress puts GE in a strong position to now take this exciting next step in our transformation.

Smart Industry: How does the growth of digital initiatives come into play here? 

Pat: Digital is a critical part of our customer offerings across our businesses. It also represents enormous growth. We have game-changing technology and innovative digital solutions that can change lives and businesses around the world. With this move, we are putting that technology expertise, leadership, and global reach to work to better serve our customers.  

Smart Industry: How does this affect GE Digital? 

Pat: This is a great move for GE Digital. Inside the new Energy Company, our GE Digital business will play a critical role in how we solve for the energy transition. As we’ve heard from customers, they want more integrated and holistic energy-focused offerings. This move enables us to focus and execute to meet their immediate needs. By investing in innovation and having the flexibility to react quickly to the constantly evolving demands of the market and the needs of our customers, we will be more competitive. 

Smart Industry: What is the change for GE customers? The larger manufacturing sector? 

Pat: Customers are looking for integrated solutions that will help them deal with an energy-efficient future. A focus on software that addresses the issues manufacturers face as they drive digital transformation positions us nicely to help them enable circularity in their business. We have created a great deal of momentum and success with our Manufacturing Software suite, and we will continue this moving forward.