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Sustainability: The next step in industrial design’s evolution

The reasons for companies to adopt sustainable design practices as they have for industrial design are just as diverse as the methods they will take.
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Protecting OT data under persistent threat from ransomware

These attacks not only threaten the security of sensitive information but also disrupt critical industrial operations, leading to significant financial losses and the damaging...
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Navigating red-alert security challenges in manufacturing

Cyber threats have evolved into a formidable adversary, targeting the factory floor with relentless precision.
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In reader survey, wide majority worries about OT vulnerabilities

Informal email poll of visitors to Smart Industry mirrors a February release of results from wider research that showed concern among over 1,000 security professionals about the...
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Human Capital

How to improve factory maintenance—and retain frontline workers

Outdated legacy maintenance and inspection processes that these frontline workers must deal with are hurting companies.
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Digital Transformation

Making digitalization stick depends on human-centric approaches

In response to evolving industry trends and challenges, manufacturers must seek out solutions that link people, technologies, and data to expedite innovation and bring ideas to...
Process Innovation

Simulation, AI, and their roles in manufacturing's future

Simulation leverages artificial intelligence to analyze data to predict what will be most effective moving forward, and AI also takes factory-floor data and helps your operation...
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Maximum security? How multifactor authentication is being defeated

Understanding the vulnerabilities of one of the hottest current security strategies against cyber intrusion.
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Business Transformation

Manufacturers should view emerging tech as relief from the workforce crunch

Manufacturing jobs are up—23,000 in January alone—but skilled workers are getting harder to come by. The correct systems and innovations can help industrials ease this shortage...
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Air gapping OT assets may be the only sure way to shield critical infrastructure

These devices run very slim operating systems that often cannot accommodate onboard security measures. Moreover, many manufacturers have neglected security best practices.
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Inside the Rockwell, Church & Dwight OT cybersecurity team-up

Officials from both companies and their new case study detail the history and contours of the industrial automation giant and consumer package goods maker’s cyber defense work...
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Quiz: How vulnerable is your OT?

A recent survey of security professionals revealed an eye-opening result: That operational technology is widely vulnerable to intrusion. So, we at SI thought we'd quiz our audience...
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Data Analytics

Survey: Almost all manufacturers struggle with making use of data

The Advanced Manufacturing Report from Hexagon, with the research conducted by Forrester Consulting, also yields significant insights on communication and collaboration—and the...
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Navigating new ESG regulations with configuration technology

Manufacturers of configurable products must navigate new and changing rules amid the ever-increasing complexity they’re already dealing with.
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IT/OT Convergence

How to unlock the power of TSN-driven IT/OT convergence

TSN can improve collaboration across machines, facilities, and enterprises, allowing companies to quickly respond to customer requests and fluctuating demand.