Asset Performance

The benefits—yes benefits!—of creating a sustainability-first culture

"As data becomes more accurate and automated, the financing of sustainability programs becomes much more achievable."
Additive Manufacturing

Micro 3D printing: When tiny parts mean big impact

We are breaking down cost and innovation barriers.
IIoT Platforms

Smart pharma survey: Pharma is finding its digital groove

Better tech and optimism (yes optimism!) are putting digital transformation back on track.
Advanced Control

THC...meet ERP

Digital approaches are enabling smarter production of cannabis.
Business Strategist

Waste can mean more than "waste"

There are numerous areas of waste that go overlooked.
Asset Performance

The nimble nature of the adaptive machine

Flexible machines support batch-of-one orders.
IIoT Platforms

Industrie 4.0: What does it mean for chemical companies?

How a specialty-polymers company took a “don’t panic” approach and improved safety, cost, uptime and quality.
Asset Performance

The appeal & dangers of ad-hoc evolution

You can start small, but you should start smart.
Business Intelligence

A deep dive into your thoughts

A dominant and growing majority subscribe to the "digitalize or die" mantra.

Case Study: Lighthouse Systems enables 40% output increase at solar manufacturer

Automated processes ensure a bright future for the solar-panel manufacturer.
Advanced Control

Part working factory. Part showroom. All smart.

The Trumpf Smart Factory brings digital-transformation concepts to life (and invites guests to poke around).
Business Intelligence

Honeywell UOP pioneering 'optimization-as-a-service'

Process technology provider leverages cloud connectivity to optimize continuously.
Advanced Control

The benefits of better medical and high-tech component manufacturing

Plastics extruder harnesses IIoT to improve precision, boost output.