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Product News: IronHorse motor controls

June 1, 2023

AutomationDirect has added new IronHorse manual motor protectors, contactors, thermal-overload relays, and a wide variety of supported accessories to their lineup of motor control products. The IronHorse HMC series contactors are an economical solution featuring an advanced design with a sealed structure to prevent arc flash exposure; electronic coils are available on select models, notes AutomationDirect. These 3-pole contactors have built-in auxiliary contacts and are available in a variety of coil voltages and in seven frame sizes, with ratings from 5-300 hp (400A) at 480 VAC.

HMMP series manual motor protectors provide an all-in-one motor control/protection solution, integrating control, disconnecting means, and circuit protection in a single compact package, per their maker. These protectors offer a wide range of ambient-temperature compensation, phase-failure protection, a high short-circuit-interrupt rating, and are available in three frame sizes with ratings up to 100A.

HTOR series thermal overload relays mount directly to the HMC contactors to protect AC circuits and motors from damaging overloads and phase failures. These relays are available in six frame sizes, in ratings up to 400A.