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Data Analytics

How advanced metering infrastructure is powering smarter operations

The AMI approach can balance supply and demand when usage data is available in real time/near real time or in short intervals.
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Remote Monitoring

How to make the shift from passive to active energy management

There are plenty of opportunities to uncover improvements in energy usage and reduce costs using energy data that already exists in your operations.

With blackouts in the forecast, can the grid take the heat?

When utilities start formulating their strategy, they should begin with a proven resource: demand response.
Advanced Control

How the scarcity of truckers hurts manufacturing (and how to fix the problem)

Ensuring that an autonomous truck operates safely and effectively requires the power of a data center at the “rugged edge.”
Process Innovation

What’s really going on in your digitalization journey? The value of installed-base evaluations

Replacing aging tech can do more than reduce obsolescence, it can make your operations more competitive.
Edge Devices

Digitalization: Standing at the edge of manufacturing

Applications for local data analysis and control with edge controllers play a decisive role.

Using continuous delivery to maximize software efficiency for the military sector

Industrial software development can be complex. Continuous delivery can help streamline the process.
Additive Manufacturing

Additive spending on 3D printing: A Q&A

"Even before the pandemic, some companies were already using 3D printing for spare-part production."
Control & Optimization

How 360° remote collaboration is transforming the manufacturing space

Manufacturing site visits have always entailed considerable financial investment.
Advanced Control

Digitally enabled new frontiers in the material-analysis space

"The ability to evaluate different technologies prior to a purchase has become convenient using digital or virtual meetings."
Remote Monitoring

Remote access is a lifeline—and great opportunity—for machine builders

Faster response times and greater customer collaboration are possible with remote connections to machines.
Artificial Intelligence

How AI inspection can reduce waste for manufacturers

Small defects can cascade into a larger defects, multiplying the cost to the manufacturer.
Business Intelligence

Data-enabled energy transition—a quick look ahead into 2022

The key energy challenge will be to balance the integration and intermittency of renewables and distributed energy resources across their grids.