Industrial Apps

Business Intelligence

A journey from high school to NASA to digital-manufacturing leadership

“You can add onto work experience with book smarts, but don’t discount skills.”
Industrial Apps

MQTT Sparkplug guidance: Publish/subscribe vs. poll/response

Why the decoupled, push-based architecture of Sparkplug has many advantages compared to legacy protocols that use polling mechanisms.
Advanced Control

Keys to understanding Sparkplug architecture in manufacturing

What the heck is the "industrial spaghetti architecture"?
Industrial Networks

Webinar Snippet: New uses of MQTT and Sparkplug to modernize manufacturing

"In perfectly running systems, reliably moving data is not a big issue. However, rarely do systems run in a perfect fashion."
Advanced Control

Action! The new applications of video-conferencing in manufacturing

Collaboration, productivity and safety are enhanced with modern video tools.

Low-code ERP: Have your ERP cake and customize it, too

Businesses desperately need the ability to be more agile and use ERP software to differentiate their business.
Smart Systems

Inductive Automation Developer Panel: What’s Next For Ignition?

The pros who built the latest Ignition offerings share what most excited them.

Study: Two thirds of process industry fully autonomous by 2030

Clearly indicated is a shift from industrial automation to industrial autonomy.
Business Strategist

How operators can capitalize on the new normal of distributed workforces & remote monitoring

These tools enable operators and technicians to virtually see what cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Operational Strategist

How to eliminate manufacturing exceptions with an intelligent collaborative mechanism

There are promising applications of dynamic scheduling, but further research is needed to scale and scope this methodology.