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Heppelmann retiring this month as CEO of PTC

In 26 years, including 13 as CEO, he oversaw the company’s transformation to SaaS and helped build PTC to its status as a leader in CAD, PLM, ALM, SLM, IIoT, and augmented reality...
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Rockwell leaders look for ‘inflection’ in orders to endure

The automation giant’s sales growth fell short of expectations last quarter as it and its customers transition digest the last of their pandemic backlogs.
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Process shortcomings a high hurdle for phasing in AI, survey finds

New research by process miner Celonis reveals 72% of business leaders, including those in manufacturing, say they are actively trying to implement AI in their IT and OT operations...
Siemens Digital Industries
Artificial Intelligence

With Industrial Copilot, Siemens and Schaeffler help make Gen-AI ‘industrial grade’

Two companies’ ‘co-creation’ assists in writing automation code for production machines, easing the burden on short-staffed human engineers, and gives factory floor workers a ...
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IT/OT Convergence

Siemens, AWS say latest collaboration helps bridge IT, OT gap

Tech companies in “smart” manufacturing space announce Amazon Web Services’ IoT SiteWise Edge will be available as an app in the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace.
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Siemens, ServiceNow team on cloud-based management of OT assets

Siemens will port its SaaS solution for OT to NowPlatform, which provides management of IT assets. The expansion allows the companies’ shared customers to increase shop floor ...
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New research sees buy-in for digital transformation growing among manufacturing stakeholders

Webinar deals with why industry should embrace data ops, but eye-opening statistics lead the way about how manufacturing overall is “going through a renaissance” and moving beyond...
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Rockwell Automation invests in Industry 5.0 technology fund

Industrial automation and digital transformation company announces stake in $100 million Momenta venture capital and value creation fund, giving RA early access to tech that promotes...
Stratus Technologies
The Stratus ztC Endurance 7100
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Stratus unveils fault tolerance in new family of computing platforms

The ztC Endurance line comes in three configurations, one designed for large data centers and larger plants, another for remote offices and medium plants, and one more for shop...
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Robust cyber defenses depend on enough qualified staff to execute them

The inability to expand their workforce and lay a solid foundation for the future growth of their cybersecurity teams has continued to plague manufacturing companies.
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Purdue to host November summit, spotlight XMO PEI initiative

Purdue experts will lay out a roadmap to reignite manufacturing in the U.S., touching on the topics of reshoring, retooling and retraining.
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Siemens debuts security testing suite for industrial networks

New all-in-one SINEC Security Inspector offers a single user interface that combines different cybersecurity tools and includes solutions for asset detection and identification...
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Industry Perspectives

Securing manufacturing operations: Why zero trust at the PLC level is critical

Too-broad “attack surfaces” mean industrial networked devices—single unsecured terminal or worker account—are vulnerable to bad cyber actors. How to manage and mitigate the risk...
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Examples of Transformation

Emerson forms life sciences board to advance one-click transfer initiative

Drug and vaccine makers Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, Merck and Pfizer will help Emerson develop standards for a holistic digitalized recipe platform to ramp up the speed...
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Clorox cyberattack to cost up to $593 million

Bleach manufacturer this week begins the cleanup process to fully repair damage from an attack first reported in mid-August that slowed production and caused product shortages...