Product News: Nokia enhances Mission Critical Industrial Edge solution

Sept. 7, 2022
The goal is to give enterprises more choice in the way they digitalize operations.

Nokia announced new platform capabilities and applications for its on-premise Mission Critical Industrial Edge (MXIE) compute solution. Enhancements will enable Nokia MXIE to host applications from different ecosystems, including legacy non-cloud native workloads, elevate operational technology (OT) network security and facilitate application development to advance enterprise digital transformation, they note.  

The new Nokia MXIE capability will enable non-cloud-native workloads and applications to run in a safe and controlled environment alongside containerized applications. With this, Nokia MXIE can host a huge variety of applications from different ecosystems, including legacy applications most often found in brownfield industrial campuses, they claim.  

Nokia MXIE developer portal (MXIE depo) promises to facilitate application development, providing an enhanced developer experience and tools to enable faster and smoother application onboarding.

Nokia is expanding the capabilities of the platform by working with two new applications partners:

Siemens MindConnect Software Agent on MXIE helps deliver seamless connectivity between industrial assets and systems. With support for multiple industrial-data protocols and formats, Siemens MindConnect Software Agent simplifies the secure transfer of operational data to MindSphere. 

Zscaler Private Access brings zero-trust security to MXIE to secure mission-critical edge workloads, OT, and IIoT systems. Unlike VPN solutions, Zscaler Private Access minimizes the attack surface and risk of lateral-threat movement by connecting users, sensors and devices only to the applications they need to do their work.

“On-premise edge is key to developing and deploying advanced industrial applications," said Karim Yaici, senior analyst, for Analysys Mason. "Solutions such as Nokia MXIE will help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation by facilitating access to OT and to foster innovation by providing access to a growing ecosystem of developers and partners.”

Stephan Litjens, vice president of enterprise solutions for Nokia, added, “Nokia is committed to simplifying industry digital transformation, allowing companies to access and use their operational technology to meet their productivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability goals. We have always subscribed to open innovation to allow developers to accelerate the growth of industry solutions. By extending our ecosystem, enterprises can focus on their core competencies while leveraging capabilities on the MXIE to simplify, secure and advance their digitalization journey.”