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Digital Twin

Unleashing the potential of digital twin technology

The tech poses several benefits for manufacturing, where product development and optimization are critical, and immense value in product digital twins can be found.
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Big Data

Metaverse, big data, and how AI can drive next-gen manufacturing

In industries such as manufacturing, the metaverse is one of the most discussed topics of next-gen digital technologies.
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VR on the factory floor boosts safety, innovation, efficiency

Virtual reality training has begun shifting the landscape of learning within manufacturing. Cost and complexity concerns, that left traditional training systems in place, have...
Rootstock Software
Smart Systems

Rootstock reveals ‘Rooties’ for excellence in ERP ecosystem

In a March 26 ceremony, enterprise resource planning software trendsetter hands out first-ever awards for excellence and leadership in its customer and partner community and the...
Rockwell Automation Inc.

Rockwell CEO says order growth hasn’t accelerated as expected

Incoming activity is up nicely, Blake Moret told an investor conference, but machine builders are still working through excess inventories.
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Future-proofing your operations: Automation support through the looming labor crisis

A 39% turnover rate and 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs predicted by 2030 will inevitably expose vulnerabilities in the manufacturing workforce and emphasize the need ...
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Big Data

Livestream today: Taming data and no-nonsense ways to drive your digital transformation

Tune in at 11 a.m. ET on Smart Industry’s social media channels for this discussion on all-important accessibility of data featuring Marcel van Helten of Red Lion Controls and...
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IIoT Platforms

Why IoT device manufacturers need to prioritize cyber resilience

Given the difficulties in defending IoT, manufacturers are going to need to adopt a new strategy. Sticking to the same cybersecurity methodology isn’t going to work.
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Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionizing manufacturing: The role of industrial AI

Early adoption of artificial intelligence is providing businesses with significant advantages that are putting them ahead of the competition.

Podcast: How DIY automation can help small, medium-size businesses

In this latest Great Question episode, Vention Founder and CEO Etienne Lacroix joins Smart Industry to talk about how smaller industrials—not just the big boys—can affordably ...
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AI and automation power self-managed warehouses

Within these “smart” facilities, tasks like order processing, item identification, sorting, packaging, and preparation for shipment are executed precisely.
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Private 5G networks provide secure foundation for Industry 4.0

Industrial operations used Ethernet and specialized wired protocols until Wi-Fi became the standard. But thanks to recent advancements in cellular technology and regulations, ...
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Data Analytics

How advanced metering infrastructure is powering smarter operations

The AMI approach can balance supply and demand when usage data is available in real time/near real time or in short intervals.
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Remote Monitoring

Reducing remote site downtime through better network monitoring

As companies adapt to meet the demands of consumers and a hybrid workforce, deploying highly scalable monitoring solutions that provide IT teams with packet-level data must be...
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Control & Optimization

Optimizing production through HMI and controller integration

Integration eliminates duplication, minimizes errors, and streamlines system design and programming.