Smart Materials


Moore Industries
Moore Multiloop Logic Solver

Product news: Moore Industries debuts new multiloop logic solver

The device performs as a multiloop logic solver with built-in voting and enhanced math capability typically found in costly and complex safety PLCs.
Smart Systems

What makes a smart container smart?

"Think about the improvement potential with the mindset that “everything possible.”
Additive Manufacturing

Knowledge is key to scaling additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is about providing the dreamers and doers with the tools they need to turn their dreams into reality.
Additive Manufacturing

Micro 3D printing: When tiny parts mean big impact

We are breaking down cost and innovation barriers.
Business Strategist

How to implement sustainable IT-infrastructure building practices

"A green IT strategy is incomplete unless you look at the big picture of your IT infrastructure’s carbon footprint."
Business Intelligence

The 2017 Smart Industry 50

Our 2017 honorees are making digital revolution real.
Augmented Reality

The near future of smart roads

Smart roads will create opportunities for new industries on the materials side, AI and sensor technologies, machine learning and deep analytics.