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What makes a smart container smart?

Feb. 8, 2022
"Think about the improvement potential with the mindset that “everything possible.”

We recently connected with Rene Wermke, Panasonic IIoT Solutions’ business development manager, for the webinarHow Smart Containers Can Help Meet Your Customer’s Increasingly Difficult Demands.”

Here we highlight that event (attend it on demand here) with a quick chat about smart containers, enhanced visibility into manufacturing processes, and the mindset that “everything is possible.” Take a look…

Smart Industry: How do you define a "smart container"?

Rene: A smart container can:

  • Automatically share its ID without interaction
  • Store historical data
  • Visually interact with the worker in front of it
  • Bi-directionally communicate with the worker in front of it
  • Be location-aware at any time
  • Communicate with the backend system in real time
Smart Industry: What kind of visibility into manufacturing processes are we talking about? What do smart containers enable us to view more clearly?

Rene: They allow us to fully digitalize the entire process flow a container or material carrier goes through. They can predict missing materials and coordinate replenishment as well indicate abnormality in the process flow.

Smart Industry: Is it challenging to transition workforces from working with traditional labelling methods to using smart containers?

Rene: Yes—people are so used to use paperwork that it has become a kind of bad habit. And to shake off bad habits it always takes some time.

Smart Industry: What's one tip to boost adoption of the smart-container approach?

Rene: Don't be afraid to try new technology and honestly think about the improvement potential with the mindset that “everything possible.”

Smart Industry: What most excites you about this trend?

Rene: I'm most excited about the opportunities that smart containers open up in so many different ways. As soon as our customers are fully aware of the concept, they gain process improvements themselves using our technology as if it was their own. 

Want more with Rene? Join the webinar on demand here.