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(R)Evolutionizing Manufacturing

June 7, 2024
From iterative improvements in operations to game-changing innovations, Industry 4.0 thought leader Jeff Winter and Smart Industry’s Scott Achelpohl talk about how manufacturers large to small can embrace technology.

SI has introduced a new dynamic duo of digital transformation.

Industry 4.0 enthusiast and thought leader Jeff Winter has joined Smart Industry's Scott Achelpohl for the start of a monthly series of chats about how industrials large and small can embrace technology.

Manufacturing use cases for artificial intelligence, digital twins, predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, IT and OT convergence, automation, robotics, VR-assisted manufacturing, data management and dynamic search ... you name it, Jeff and Scott will probably talk about it.


We at SI worked with Jeff before, last year, for a spring INSIGHT series webinar on AI and smarter supply chains, and we're excited to be doing so again for (R)Evolutionizing Manufacturing. 

In all episodes, Jeff and Scott will answer questions you leave on our social channels here, here, and here or send to the program via email. So please reach out; we want to hear from you!

Jeff and Scott hope this will become an interesting and informative series of programs. So stay tuned!