Rockwell Automation Inc.

Rockwell CEO says order growth hasn’t accelerated as expected

Incoming activity is up nicely, Blake Moret told an investor conference, but machine builders are still working through excess inventories.
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Future-proofing your operations: Automation support through the looming labor crisis

A 39% turnover rate and 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs predicted by 2030 will inevitably expose vulnerabilities in the manufacturing workforce and emphasize the need ...

Podcast: How DIY automation can help small, medium-size businesses

In this latest Great Question episode, Vention Founder and CEO Etienne Lacroix joins Smart Industry to talk about how smaller industrials—not just the big boys—can affordably ...
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AI and automation power self-managed warehouses

Within these “smart” facilities, tasks like order processing, item identification, sorting, packaging, and preparation for shipment are executed precisely.
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Rockwell leaders look for ‘inflection’ in orders to endure

The automation giant’s sales growth fell short of expectations last quarter as it and its customers transition digest the last of their pandemic backlogs.
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Automation is the answer in 2024 for combating manufacturing challenges

With workforce pressures and economic challenges, it’s high time manufacturers began implementing these technologies into their business models.
Rockwell Automation Inc.
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Rockwell CEO: We’re at the tail of supply-chain bottlenecks

Blake Moret told an investment bank conference that order growth should soon rebound as inventories return to more normal levels.
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How the scarcity of truckers hurts manufacturing (and how to fix the problem)

Ensuring that an autonomous truck operates safely and effectively requires the power of a data center at the “rugged edge.”
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Solutions for unprepared manufacturing and industrial-sales teams

Streamline sales-rep content so buyers are more likely to have access to compliant, curated content.

Three reasons to monitor automation, analytics, AI and AR trends

"We must allow build-reliability into the network infrastructure."

Bringing "Swissness" to Texas

A new Endress+Hauser campus spotlights smart new approaches to process/laboratory instrumentation and automation.

Let's not fear the rise of the machines...let's embrace it

"My company typically adds new employees every time we install a new robot."
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New role, new rules for manufacturing: A Q&A with Motion's Aurelio Banda

The trends point to the next decade bringing more progress than the past 100 years combined.

Ways to work faster in leveraging automation for a better world

A Q&A with Emerson Automation Solutions’ Executive President Mark Bulanda as he settles into his role.

Autonomy’s benefit is in the journey

Eliminating operators isn’t the point. Making better decisions is.