Business Strategist

Rebuilding business continuity in tumultuous times

"The pandemic has fundamentally changed the nature of the relationship and the role of the service provider."

Current economic pressure as catalyst & commitment to digital transformation

There is a renewed emphasis on remote connectivity to equipment.
Augmented Reality

Training real-world skills in augmented and virtual realities

"VR has vastly expanded the possibility of how workers are trained."
Advanced Control

In 2021, APIs will give industrial equipment a voice

"Cloud APIs have transformed the tech industry, and with it, our digital economy."
Digital Twin

Base Camp Digital Preview: Putting Digital Twins & Threads To Work For You

"It is important to know how far off the machine is operating from the ideal or design state."
Asset Performance

Perspectives: COVID-19 & Manufacturing Full Series

Expert insights on what this pandemic is doing to manufacturing today and how manufacturers will recover tomorrow.
Digital Twin

Myths, reality and getting a clear definition of this thing we call the digital twin

There are different forms of the digital twin. There are different applications.
Digital Twin

Digital twins courtesy of twin brothers

The Becnel brothers use digital duplication to develop aircraft electronics.