Business Transformation

Strong outlook for industrial-manufacturing deals in 2022

"We expect supply-chain risks and policy shifts to remain top-of-mind for stakeholders as we move into 2022."
Data Analytics

Case Study: How virtual commissioning makes our project delivery faster, easier and safer

It’s a pandemic innovation for faster delivery that’s here to stay.
Advanced Control

Manufacturing and innovation in 2021: The state of play

Manufacturers have been faced with a harsh reality over the last few years: innovate or die.
Supply Chain

What does the continuation of economic growth mean for the supply chain?

Disruptions from the pandemic aren’t going away any time soon.
Digital Transformation

Forget the new normal of manufacturing...let's embrace a better normal

Pandemic prompted problems overcome by better-normal solutions.
Advanced Control

How to maintain a trustworthy cold chain during COVID vaccinations

The cold chain is management of the temperature of perishable products throughout the distribution process.
Business Transformation

Pivoting from the pandemic—COVID & the adoption of digital-transformation tools

How are we implementing (or scaling) these approaches as we emerge from this pandemic?
Advanced Control

Case Study: Emerson’s nimble response to a sudden demand for masks

The ability to adapt to the new normal was tested early and often.

Current economic pressure as catalyst & commitment to digital transformation

There is a renewed emphasis on remote connectivity to equipment.