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Special Reports

Manufacturers kick 2024 into action with tech, people-focused approach

Advancements such as AI, 5G, IoT, and cloud computing can offer great benefits by providing real-time analytics, total visibility, and scalable solutions like enterprise asset...
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Industry News

Purdue to host November summit, spotlight XMO PEI initiative

Purdue experts will lay out a roadmap to reignite manufacturing in the U.S., touching on the topics of reshoring, retooling and retraining.
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Examples of Transformation

Emerson forms life sciences board to advance one-click transfer initiative

Drug and vaccine makers Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, Merck and Pfizer will help Emerson develop standards for a holistic digitalized recipe platform to ramp up the speed...
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Supply Chain

It must be every vendor’s fantasy to become larger than their largest customers

"Suppliers once existed in the background. Now they’re cool. And one is worth a cool trillion."
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Supply Chain

Four nearshoring facts for logistics decision-makers

When Tesla announced the opening of the company’s next Gigafactory in Mexico earlier this year, it brought new attention to a hot post-pandemic trend: nearshoring.
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Supply Chain

The multimodal approach can benefit your warehouse processes

"In short, fewer people are expected to do more work with fewer resources. That’s a recipe for disaster."
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Supply Chain

Asking ChatGPT about the role of ChatGPT with supply chains

"It was a good conversation. The chatbot answered my questions in detail nearly instantaneously."
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Supply Chain

Dipping into supply chain digitalization vs. taking the plunge: A Q&A with Uptake's Kayne Grau

"Many in the transportation industry were caught off guard by the severity and duration of the issues with the supply chain."
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Supply Chain

Speed bumps with & lessons to be learned from the automotive-manufacturing supply chain

"Not only is the product inherently complex, but some OEMs offer feature variants that multiply to the billions the number of possible unique vehicle configurations."
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Supply Chain

How to create digital standards for a better shipping experience

Digital standards are achievable, but will require collaboration across government agencies and supply-chain stakeholders.
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Supply Chain

What’s up with air cargo?

How COVID spurred demand for freight facilities at secondary airports.
Supply Chain

What do shipping containers and modern MES have in common?

One of the first demands of a modern MES is its ability to run on different types of cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments.