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Control & Optimization

Removing the risk from PLM: Approaches now to secure your digital transformation

Many PLM systems and processes lack the inherent features necessary to keep up with the evolving threat landscape.
Asset Performance

New podcast episode: How AI, cybersecurity, and sustainability are impacting asset management

In this episode of Great Question, ARC Advisory Group's Inderpreet Shoker examines how new technologies and priorities are changing asset management.
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Navigating plant downtime risks: Choosing the right computing infrastructure

There are critical considerations surrounding plant computing needs and inherent risks associated with the choice of computing.
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Control & Optimization

Optimizing production through HMI and controller integration

Integration eliminates duplication, minimizes errors, and streamlines system design and programming.
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Artificial Intelligence

Overcoming pricing complexity in manufacturing with technology

Platforms are transforming how companies are managing this complexity efficiently—AI and data science can ingest all the variables and provide guidance.
Advanced Control

Strategic savings: How distributed I/O reshapes plantwide costs

Centralization of traditional cabinets results in complex and extensive wiring, increasing installation time and leading to high labor costs. Machine mounting, however, yields...
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Artificial Intelligence

Production planning: How AI can help meet every delivery deadline

Companies can deploy AI-based models that meet their production lead times and satisfy customer orders within the committed dates, even when unexpected disruptions occur.
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Special Reports

Manufacturers kick 2024 into action with tech, people-focused approach

Advancements such as AI, 5G, IoT, and cloud computing can offer great benefits by providing real-time analytics, total visibility, and scalable solutions like enterprise asset...
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Artificial Intelligence

Gen-AI’s rewards are clear, but the data must be ‘clean’

Taking advantage of this technology requires information that is accessible, but roadblocks to quality data include siloing, often between OT and IT teams, and isolation of subject...
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Artificial Intelligence

Powering cognitive digital threads with Gen-AI to accelerate innovation

The benefits of Gen-AI are remarkable and include instant and accurate answers to critical questions, unprecedented insights driven by data on parts and products, seamless access...
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Business Models

Making the business case for PLM to SaaS deployment

Migrating to SaaS isn’t the same as moving to the cloud—and manufacturers must realize this.
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Industry News

Process shortcomings a high hurdle for phasing in AI, survey finds

New research by process miner Celonis reveals 72% of business leaders, including those in manufacturing, say they are actively trying to implement AI in their IT and OT operations...
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Industry News

How a midsize Pennsylvania market is poised to lead on chip manufacturing

Lehigh Valley has undergone profound change in the last 25 years and advanced materials sciences companies that support the semiconductor industry now have a major presence there...
Asset Performance

Q&A: Getting help: Why Seeq and other tech providers leverage so many partnerships

Megan Buntain of Seeq says that from providing regional expertise to global scale, the right partner is critical to addressing manufacturers’ needs.
Siemens Digital Industries
Artificial Intelligence

With Industrial Copilot, Siemens and Schaeffler help make Gen-AI ‘industrial grade’

Two companies’ ‘co-creation’ assists in writing automation code for production machines, easing the burden on short-staffed human engineers, and gives factory floor workers a ...