Product News: No-code UniCloud

Oct. 14, 2021
Promises safe and secure IIoT for machine builders.

Unitronics announced the release of UniCloud, its end-to-endcCloud platform touted as a simple, affordable, no-code approach to cloud that enables machine builders to fully benefit from secure IIoT.

The UniCloud platform is supported by Unitronics controllers with built-in cloud services that bypass the need to purchase a subscription at additional cost. As of this announcement, any usercan integrate any PLC (or other devices that talk Modbus, such as sensors, smart meters, extended I/Os) into UniCloud.  

UniCloud is based on a simple, Do-It-Yourself paradigm. Unitronics Head of Cloud Ronny Or detailed a few of the unique attributes of the UniCloud platform:

  • Independence for the OEM—With UniCloud, you can do it all independently, without any need of IT specialists, cloud experts, graphic designers or any previous experience.

  • Reduced costs—You don't need to pay staff to do it for you.

  • Reduced time drain—There is no hassle with no running back and forth coordinating various specialists and professionals. UniCloud’s drag & drop, no-code design means that you can quickly do it yourself.

  • Easy maintenance and modifications—You can easily restructure your organization—for example, add staff and assign them roles, add customers and create personalized dashboards for them.

“Over 30 years of rich experience in designing products for automation and motion control has enabled Unitronics to create an end-to-end IIoT platform specifically designed for manufacturers and industrial control solutions,’ said Benny Magrefta, Unitronics head of R&D reports. “An easily implemented cloud solution to support any machine—no cloud experience needed.”