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Industrial information as a service & cloud computing are transforming sustainability

Industrial information as a service helps enterprises eliminate internal and external data silos to achieve a more efficient and sustainable value chain.
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Elastic software and the exploding cloud

"Cloud-based advanced analytics solutions play a critical role in accessing, cleansing, computing and reporting on sustainability KPIs."
Advanced Control

Case Study: How Chevron used Uptake to transfer time-series data to the Azure cloud

Data is synchronized to Chevron’s data lake, ideal for analysis, trending, and updating at scale.
Big Data

Case Study: Cloud-based IoT supports complex control systems from anywhere

Data centers can save energy with refrigerant-side economizer systems, but IoT cloud connectivity is required.

Four key ways manufacturers should scale cloud deployments

#1. Establishing zero-trust environments for operations and data
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Leadership in the digital era: A Q&A with new Seeq CEO Dr. Lisa J. Graham

“When adopting a new digital initiative, senior leadership must play the lead role.”
Advanced Control

Smart firelogs?! A Q&A with Duraflame's IT director on strategic cloud integration

"We wanted to gain more agility and control in our processes, as well as repeatability."
Business Transformation

Case Study: Duraflame fires up growth with cloud computing

The pandemic prompted us to use our fireplaces, and prompted Duraflame to ramp up automation efforts to meet demand.

Remaking Industry Podcast: Winning the Tech Wars & Capitalizing on the Growth of Hybrid Cloud Environments

We connect with Software AG CEO Sanjay Brahmawar to explore how and why businesses are using hybrid integration.
Digital Transformation

What is the state of IoT & edge commercial adoption in 2021?

Open source is key to the continued adoption of IoT and edge technologies.
Asset Performance

The business case for advanced analytics and asset-performance management

An under-appreciated outcome of advanced analytics is a streamlined identification of data signatures.
Advanced Control

Using the hybrid-data model to bridge cloud & on-premises solutions

It provides industrial organizations a balanced approach to data storage that supports local plant management and optimization programs.
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Fixing the unused-data problem with a hybrid cloud approach

"The beneficiary of this work is the manufacturers."