Product News: HighByte’s industrial DataOps solution

July 27, 2021
Offering boasts multi-hub management, auditing, and high-volume data delivery to AWS.

HighByte announced the release of HighByte Intelligence Hub version 2.0. HighByte Intelligence Hub is an industrial DataOps solution enabling manufacturers to merge, prepare, and deliver modeled industrial data to and from IT systems without writing or maintaining code, per its maker. With its latest release, HighByte Intelligence Hub now supports enterprise deployments with multi-hub management.

Customers can remotely configure hubs, compare configurations, and synchronize models and connections between multiple hubs from a single portal, per HighByte. Multi-hub management enables manufacturers to easily standardize and scale the use of industrial data across the enterprise.

“Our commitment to sustainability means we are continuously looking for new ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the manufacturing process,” said Lee Hunt, senior director of manufacturing IT at Georgia-Pacific. “By using HighByte Intelligence Hub as a data-modeling abstraction layer, we are able to standardize data sent to the AWS Cloud. This new version of HighByte Intelligence Hub gives us the ability to explore many business use cases and scale them across our enterprise. By eliminating the need to write and maintain custom code, we are more agile and can rapidly iterate on analytics and sustainability initiatives.” 

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 2.0 also includes additional features that support enterprise deployments, including user management, auditing, and high-volume data delivery. Administrators can now configure unique users and roles with permissions that appropriately restrict access and change, create audit logs, and automatically generate project file backups, notes HighByte. New Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose connectors in version 2.0 simplify and accelerate high-volume data delivery to the AWS Cloud. Furthermore, users can now create dynamic SQL and REST requests using real-time input values from any connection, making it easy for users to assemble data from multiple systems into a single information set.

“We’ve enjoyed working closely with our customers and the broader market to deliver an enterprise-ready Industrial DataOps solution with version 2.0,” said Tony Paine, HighByte CEO. “This release makes managing and standardizing data models easier than ever for our customers.”