Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionizing manufacturing: The role of industrial AI

Early adoption of artificial intelligence is providing businesses with significant advantages that are putting them ahead of the competition.
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Artificial Intelligence

Sustainability, traceability, visibility: New rules and tools for complex manufacturing

Technological changes are challenging industrial operations, but customer expectations won’t ease, so it’s on manufacturers to keep up with the new solutions.
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Technology solutions for energy monitoring on the plant floor

Step-by-step, how data can impact decisions across an entire organization, from floor technicians and supervisors to administration or C-level decision-makers to facility management...
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Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity stakeholders praise AI executive order—but say it’s just a start

Industrial uses of artificial intelligence have a head start on any government attempts to protect its users, Smart Industry learned in interviews this week, but sources see the...
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Examples of Transformation

Gen-AI leads back to reducing downtime on the line

Newest tool in industrial IT’s shed turns out to be one that has been popularized by Chat GPT, and an SI webinar explored the possible uses of "gen-AI" for manufacturers to steamline...
H Information Architecture
Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturing organizations need information architecture before artificial intelligence

"For the organization to succeed in its AI journey, they have to prepare its system for AI innovation. This means working on their IA before the AI."
Advanced Control

Case Study: How Chevron used Uptake to transfer time-series data to the Azure cloud

Data is synchronized to Chevron’s data lake, ideal for analysis, trending, and updating at scale.
Artificial Intelligence

How to build a smarter supply chain while relying on AI

"The key is a data-driven supply chain where we combine public data, community data and private/enterprise data and then add artificial-intelligence algorithms to predict and ...
Artificial Intelligence

Catch up, OT! Machine-learning capabilities for the operational technology side of the house

OT has lagged in utilizing machine learning to harness the full scope of data.
Artificial Intelligence

3 ways manufacturers can shift to an industrial-AI strategy

Empower industrial data scientists to lead the charge on AI strategy.
Services Innovation

In a digital-first world, software quality is vital for modern manufacturing

Plus: Five trends that we believe will happen in the world of QA in the next three years.
Augmented Reality

Understanding how immersive mixed reality will power the metaverse for manufacturers

Companies will build immersive virtual spaces, aka metaverses that will employees to virtually collaborate.