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Introducing Cognite AI, the generative AI accelerator for industrial data and value realization

June 16, 2023
"This is how we make AI work for industry.”

Cognite announced the launch of Cognite AI, the generative AI accelerator for industrial data and value realization. Per its maker, Cognite AI is a comprehensive suite of generative AI capabilities within Cognite’s core industrial dataops platform Cognite Data Fusion, an addition to the company’s industrial-specific offering around energy, manufacturing, and power and renewables. Cognite AI is fully open to all partners to create tailored industrial solutions, they add, noting that Cognite Data Fusion with Cognite AI improves operations by rapidly accelerating cloud adoption and increasing the efficiency of industrial workflows by 10x.

Cognite AI promises to solve common challenges with industrial data by delivering simple access to complex industrial data while building generative AI into every aspect of the product experience, enabling stakeholders in both IT and operations to generate valuable, cross-data-source insights.

“Celanese is building the digital plant of the future and we rely on Cognite Data Fusion on Microsoft Azure to put the right data into the hands of our experts so they can spend less time identifying problems and more time finding solutions,” said Ibrahim Al-Syed, director of digital manufacturing at Celanese. “Generative AI is a powerful tool that will be key to enabling our people. With Cognite AI as part of our digital strategy, we can improve work experiences by unifying people, data, processes, and systems with a common platform.”

“Cognite AI accelerates the application of modern software technology in industrial digitalization. It informs the industrial user, empowers the industrial operator and enables industrial facilities to be efficient and sustainable,” said Girish Rishi, Cognite CEO. “With Cognite AI, we have developed an innovative architecture that eliminates hallucinations, mitigates data leakage, and enables trust and access control. This is how we make AI work for industry.”