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Edge Devices

Three trends that will shift the edge-computing industry

Edge computing is a technology that has been on the market for several years but has recently seen rapid adoption as businesses are finding unique new use cases. Since the platform...
Edge Devices

Does the industrial edge look different in Europe?

Manufacturers need compute power closer to where data is generated to turn connected devices into smart systems.
Advanced Control

How the scarcity of truckers hurts manufacturing (and how to fix the problem)

Ensuring that an autonomous truck operates safely and effectively requires the power of a data center at the “rugged edge.”
Edge Devices

Digitalization: Standing at the edge of manufacturing

Applications for local data analysis and control with edge controllers play a decisive role.
Edge Devices

Case Study: Expanding edge capabilities for end users

A systems integrator is building on a foundation of edge-computing platforms to deliver smart solutions.

Road bandits & the intersection of 5G, edge computing and IoT

For these incredibly smart technologies that operate with little intervention, you need incredibly powerful networks and processing technologies.
Product Innovation

Technology on trial: Perspective on the Elizabeth Holmes case

What does the Theranos case mean for the larger world of manufacturing?
Business Transformation

Case Study: Harnessing the power of IoT to keep hearts beating

The program simplifies defibrillator maintenance with smart technology.
Digital Transformation

What is the state of IoT & edge commercial adoption in 2021?

Open source is key to the continued adoption of IoT and edge technologies.
Smart Systems

Smart applications of smart devices

How Parsec's software-provider-to-device-maker evolution informs its approach to smart devices.
Advanced Control

Case Study: Smart lighting in urban canyons

Wi-SUN and the City of London partner on an illuminating project.
Advanced Control

Super data & bridging brownfield assets

"It is important to bridge the brownfield world to a new architecture leveraging open standards and broaden access to data."
Business Transformation

A deeper dive into rationalizing cost, payback and the criticality of edge computing

"Edge solves two operational challenges that make it easy for teams to embrace."
Advanced Control

Supply chain agility: Trucking companies must transform into software businesses

"There is immense value in software connecting freight from the factory to the warehouse to the truck and on to the final mile."