Product News: WAGO’s Edge Controller and Edge Computer

July 16, 2021
Heralded as devices “on the cutting edge of network computing.”
WAGO has announced it is combining the advantages of decentralized cloud computing with local control networks by debuting their Edge Controller and Edge Computer, which promise low latency control and simplified connection with cloud-based services providing multiple interfaces for connection to field devices and monitors.

The Edge Controller (752-8303/800-002) is ideal for edge of network applications where deterministic PLC control can be combined with machine learning, data aggregation, cloud services, predictive maintenance and other analytic algorithms, says WAGO. It allows users to run high speed and complex applications with its quad-core processor as well as applications through Docker Containers with its Linux-based real time operating system. This controller supports e!COCKPIT runtime for industrial control and visualizations via onboard HTML-5 web server and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, Ethernet/IP adapter, EtherCAT and BACnet. IIoT protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA and Sparkplug are also supported, per its maker.

For Linux-savvy users that want an industrial-grade computer to run Node RED, Grafana or edge applications such as AWS IoT Greengrass, our Edge Computer (752-9400/752-9401) is the optimal device to use, touts WAGO. It comes with a Debian Linux operating system, a quad-core ATOM processor, 64 GB flash memory and either 4GB or 8GB RAM with memory able to be expanded via SSD HDD memory card. Control engineers and software developers can leverage the device’s openness to operate their edge of network applications.