Services Innovation


Smart Systems

Why SaaS will dominate the future-system landscape

By outsourcing data center functions to SaaS providers, specialized resources are available to optimize specific software solutions and reduce the risk of system failures.
Services Innovation

In a digital-first world, software quality is vital for modern manufacturing

Plus: Five trends that we believe will happen in the world of QA in the next three years.
Advanced Control

Digitally enabled new frontiers in the material-analysis space

"The ability to evaluate different technologies prior to a purchase has become convenient using digital or virtual meetings."
Advanced Control

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for high-accuracy, lower-cost IIoT systems

BLE is becoming a major player in changing how manufacturers leverage IIoT on their factory floors.
Human Capital

Storm-assessment services make the difference in utility outage-restoration efforts

Technology-enabled storm assessment services provide a lifeline for utilities hard hit by the forces of Mother Nature.
Advanced Control

Industry 4.0 school: Training for digital transformation

Bedrock Automation’s School of Bedrock teaches ways to overcome challenges and leverage digital opportunities.
Business Intelligence

How a pay-per-use business model can build resilient operations

If you're so focused on the big hairy audacious goal, you might miss points on the journey where you should have pivoted.
Business Intelligence

Modern manufacturing execution in the post-pandemic marketplace

We're forced to go digital...but going digital has its own unique set of challenges.

Innovation, Recognition And Inspiration From The Ignition Community

Exemplary real-world projects spotlighted in the ICC Discover Gallery.
Operational Strategist

Traceability...from inception to the age of Industry 4.0

Traceability offers operational strategists immense potential for production and quality enhancements.
Business Intelligence

Case Study: Test driving autonomous ground vehicles…remotely

How do you showcase solutions to customers during a lockdown?
Supply Chain

The case for AI and automation in the supply chain

The intelligent supply chain benefits customers, supply chain teams and the vendors with whom they work.
Smart Systems

Tech Report Callout: Digital technology changing the role of sensors in industry

A mission to deliver not just sensors, but sensor intelligence.