Product News: Tacton’s self-serve capabilities across the buying journey

Sept. 15, 2020
Promises a B2C experience for B2B manufacturing products.

Tacton announced the launch of new self-serve capabilities that promises to enable manufacturers to let their customers to visualize, configure and purchase B2B manufacturing products with ease. The new capabilities empower end customers by improving the real-time collaboration process, thus shortening the sales cycle. 

Tacton’s new capabilities put the power in the hands of end customers so they can visualize and customize products on the devices and platforms they prefer, all but eliminating the need for meetings and phone calls with sales reps, according to the company.

"Tacton already has the most advanced configuration and visualization on the market, allowing manufacturers to quickly customize and visualize advanced products for their customers. These new capabilities take it a step further and put that power in the hands of the end customer so they can remain engaged throughout their entire buying journey," said Nils Olsson, chief evangelist officer at Tacton. "This shortens the cycle time from product concept to completed product, and significantly decreases the cost of getting a correct quote to the customer." 

Tacton’s Customer Self-Service functionality is designed specifically for B2B manufacturers and allows for account-based pricing, product portfolio browsing, contracted pricing and personalized offers. Advanced constraint-based online product configuration enables customers to create draft proposals on the same day a new product offer is launched.

Customer benefits include:

  • Accelerated sales velocity that lets customers create their own quotes to shorten the quote process
  • Improved operational efficiencies that empower customers and sales teams to work together
  • An enhanced customer experience that enables customers to serve their own specific needs

Needs-based guided selling configuration and visualization now make it possible for customers to configure manufacturers' complex product on their own, even without any deep technical knowledge. Tacton claims that its visual configurator helps buyers customize products with just a few simple clicks, making for a consumer-grade experience.