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Q&A: Getting help: Why Seeq and other tech providers leverage so many partnerships

Megan Buntain of Seeq says that from providing regional expertise to global scale, the right partner is critical to addressing manufacturers’ needs.
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Decision Support

How smart industrial technology factors into ESSA, corporate culture

Advancements such as workflow automation software and robotic automation tools turbocharge productivity and take the tedium out of factory floor processes, which is the definition...
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Advanced Control

How to harness operational data to meet sustainability targets

There are many lessons to be learned from manufacturing companies that have improved their environmental impact—and their bottom line at the same time—by strategically placed ...
Stratus Technologies
The Stratus ztC Endurance 7100
Industry News

Stratus unveils fault tolerance in new family of computing platforms

The ztC Endurance line comes in three configurations, one designed for large data centers and larger plants, another for remote offices and medium plants, and one more for shop...
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Robust cyber defenses depend on enough qualified staff to execute them

The inability to expand their workforce and lay a solid foundation for the future growth of their cybersecurity teams has continued to plague manufacturing companies.
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Siemens debuts security testing suite for industrial networks

New all-in-one SINEC Security Inspector offers a single user interface that combines different cybersecurity tools and includes solutions for asset detection and identification...
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Industry Perspectives

Securing manufacturing operations: Why zero trust at the PLC level is critical

Too-broad “attack surfaces” mean industrial networked devices—single unsecured terminal or worker account—are vulnerable to bad cyber actors. How to manage and mitigate the risk...
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Examples of Transformation

Surf’s up! Wave-pool designers detail how they use digital twin and control systems tech to simulate the sea

San Diego-based Surf Loch joins SI webinar to tell attendees how Siemens software and hardware helps designers create and control their rad rides at water parks worldwide.
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How 360° remote collaboration is transforming the manufacturing space

Manufacturing site visits have always entailed considerable financial investment.
Advanced Control

How damaging are SolarWinds cyber-attacks?

A threat-check from Tenable’s Marty Edwards.
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Private cellular networks offer an ocean of opportunity for the maritime industry

Imagine a digitally connected harbor that connects millions of shipments.
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Incorporating 3D artificial intelligence with AR and VR technology

Immersive mixed-reality can fall short for enterprises. Here's how to avoid that.
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Case Study: Evolved control automation-management capabilities

Workload consolidation extends system function and cuts costs.