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Artificial Intelligence

Gen-AI’s rewards are clear, but the data must be ‘clean’

Taking advantage of this technology requires information that is accessible, but roadblocks to quality data include siloing, often between OT and IT teams, and isolation of subject...
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Decision Support

How smart industrial technology factors into ESSA, corporate culture

Advancements such as workflow automation software and robotic automation tools turbocharge productivity and take the tedium out of factory floor processes, which is the definition...
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Digital Transformation

Real-time simulation's role in driving business competitiveness

Dynamic changes to the labor market, shifts in order volumes and an unpredictable logistics environment can lead to unexpected plant downtime and inefficiencies. Agility in decision...
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Industry Perspectives

When stakeholders speak ESG, 'smart' utilities listen and evolve

When customers speak environmental, social and governance, utility providers (the smart ones, at least), listen. But how are they adapting?
Advanced Control

Why 2022 will usher in the connected-worker era

The industry depends on engaging the next generation.
Digital Transformation

The imagination age: Coming to a factory floor near you

COVID-19 has become the equivalent of a chief transformation officer for manufacturers.
Advanced Control

A new generation of / a new world of value from IoT-testing tools

It is time for the testing community to embrace new technologies that meet the requirements of IoT systems.
Business Models

The wins and worries for manufacturers going direct-to-consumers

The barrier to entry for selling e-commerce no longer exists.
Business Intelligence

Bright new leadership at Bright Machines: A Q&A with Caroline Pan

"I never felt daunted by complexity—or my male classmates."

Establishing a gold standard for RPA

To better understand the benefits of establishing a set of RPA standards, look at what the PDF did.
Business Transformation

Could warehouse automation add jobs?

Automation is here to stay. This is a good thing.
Business Models

Four steps to success with data analytics

Your project is done when stakeholders tell you how well their new tool is working on the day shift and night shift.
Business Strategist

Managing through the pandemic

5 key factors for finance leaders in manufacturing and industry to address.
Business Models

Funds, factories and resilience in a time of crisis

Bright Machines provides financial relief to manufacturers.
Business Intelligence

Digitizing horizontal and vertical value chains

Companies waiting for the ‘perfect’ technology or 'perfect' timing are being shortsighted.